Provincial Brabant 2000 had over 18,000 birds away this week from Quievrain however due to the bad weather conditions the birds were held over until Sunday and returned to the shorter distance of Bierges the same race point as last week which is around 117 km to Nieuwendijk. The race controlers got it spot on we all had a really great race. Sections 3 and 4 which had almost 9000 birds were liberated together at 8.00 am in good conditions.

We are more than happy with our own results with 29 birds in the prizes from an entry of 36 in total (80% strike rate) in Section 3 against 3308 birds with many early prizes.

Club 408 birds…2nd,3rd,6th,7th,8th,12th,13th,18th etc..

Rayon 3  3308 birds…9th,10th,15th,16th,20th,46th,48th,56th

Rayon 3 and 4 with a total of 8684 birds… 9th,10th,15th,16th,18th overall.


Our first bird this week was  NL2021-1275107 our third bird last week and a previous winner of 3rd Union de Baronie 542 birds and 8th NPO Issoudun against 2467 entries last season.

Second bird was NL22-8535733 scoring for the first time this season bred from the stunning cock INCREDIBLE bred by Mike from SUN CITY and the dam is from the top hen DIAMOND (From son of New Harry x daughter War Drum and Sister Blue Baron)

Incredible a stunning son of SUN CITY.


Third bird was NL22-8535728 a previous winner of 1st Niergnies 460 birds last season bred from BIG BOSS the good breeding son of our PORTUGAL PAIR with SILVER SPOON (Said in Spun Silver x Robben Island) and they also bred our 1st Quivrain 477 birds, 3rd Combine 3318 birds.   


Fourth bird was NL19-3920157 winning many prizes for us during his career  bred from a son of SPECIAL ONE with a daughter of KING KANON x CLAUDIA (Drum x Little Star).

Fifth bird was NL20-2009611 a super racing cock, he was also first bird  from Niergnies  last season winning 1st club 414 birds,6th Combine 3789 birds and 6th Provincial 17,929 birds. Also last season winning 1st Bierges against 408 birds and was our third bird from Quievrain 7th club against 486 birds. He is a previous winner of many prizes as a young bird and yearling including 1st club, 2nd Combine and 14th NPO against 10,003 birds from Sens…

He is a son of the super cock Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry and he must be one of the very best breeding son from him being responsible for more than 20 x 1st prize winners just for our own team and many big winners into the third generation for many fanciers.

His dam is also very special indeed being a gift bird from the fantastic de Hoogh family from Oosterhout with a golden bloodline full of the very best classic winning DNA of the pigeon sport…via Mister Surhuizum and Diamonds Girl of Peter Veenstra…De Kennes Duivin of Harry Kennes…De Lichte Bourges of Dirk van Dyck…and the 666 of Henk Mellis.

Sixth bird was NL20-2009604 our good racing hen winning 56th National NPO against 12,374 birds last season and she is a previous winner of 1st Quivrain 282 birds,2nd Combine 2842 birds and also won from Chateaudun 1st against 169 birds and she is bred from our new breeding talent Bruce (Son New Harry) and Ivana (daughter Granger x Rhiannon).

This hen NL20-2009604 has another  three times early in NPO or Provincial 34th NPO Sens 10,003 birds, 48th  Provincial Chateaudun 6409 birds, 57th Provincial Pont St Max 11,217 birds and now 56th Melun NPO 12,374 birds. Her brother and sister have also won *NL20-2009617 ~ 3rd Sens 294 b.(12th Combine 2305 b) (96th Nat.NPO 12,400 b) and *NL20-2009618 ~ 3rd Chateaudun 131 b. (12th Combine 1333 b) (77th Nat.NPO 6,277 b) and 4th Sens 227 b. (22nd Combine 2050 b) (84th Nat.NPO 10,005 b).

Seventh bird was NL21-2118920 a previous winner of 1st Chateaudun last season against 138 birds ,37th Provincial 3796 birds. He is from a son of Special One (Son Harry) with a daughter of Junior and Rhiannon. Dam is a daughter of Bruce the promising young son of New Harry.

Eigth bird was NL22-2217946 that was our second bird from Bierges last week bred from Diamond King (Wolverine x Sanjay 1) with Stefanie (Said in Spun Silver x Robben Island). No better Mike Gnaus bloodlines exist. This yearling cock also scored well as a youngster and a full brother from 2021 is also a good winner.
“Diamond King” is developing into a special breeder with reports of his offspring winning for others as well as in our own loft.