We offer these ten birds for sale. They are the last we have for sale this year and were originally destined for our stand in Blackpool however the Avian Flu restrictions prohibited this.

Except for the two 2021 hens, all other birds are August hatched late breds so would probably need until March to pair.

If anything is of interest please email me at [email protected] or call on 07836 334954.

Many thanks

Peter Fox.


Lot 1. Blue Cock GB22V51745.  Price £400.

Lot 2. Blue  Cock GB22V51769. Price £400.

Lot 3. Blue Cock GB22V51720 Price £450. SOLD

Lot 4. Blue Checker Cock GB22V51729.Price £250.

Lot 4.Blue Checker Cock GB22V51732. Price £400. SOLD

Lot 6.Blue Checker Cock GB22V51591.  Price £1750. SOLD

This is a September hatched latebred with 10 nest flights. He is small to medium sized and a nice handling pigeon however although he is chasing a hen around the aviary today, he probably needs till April to Mature. I have no doubt he will be top quality given time to grow.

Lot 7. Blue Checker Hen GB22V51686. Price £400.

Lot 8. Blue Pied Hen GB21R35666 Price £750. SOLD

This one was bred very late in 2021 and has mtured into a really nice smqll to medium sized nice handling hen.

Lot 9.Blue Hen. GB21V38198.Price £800.SOLD

This one was a cancelled order and we re offer her now. Although we could also retain her as Propere Rik has missed his first round of eggs this year. She is real class.



Lot 10. Blue Hen GB22V51778. Price £400.