We will have a number of young birds in our Spring Sale List available from the end on May/early April 2020.  If you require an alert when our sales list is published please drop us an email request to via our contacts page https://www.syndicatelofts.com/contact/

Price guide:

From Younger pairs all grand children of the Champions or direct imports from £150 to £400 each.

Grandchildren of War Drum and Foxy Lady from £250 to £400 each.

Direct children from : Max,Brave,Propere Rik,Propere 10, The Portugal Pair from £750 each.

Direct from Basil with Foxy Girl (Nest sister Foxy Lady) or Mata Hari are £1200 each.

Direct children of War Drum are £1700 each

Direct children of Foxy Lady start at £2500 each when available.

Full Spring Sales List with what we have available will be published on line together with simple photo and full pedigree of all birds individually priced for a private treaty sale at the end of April or early May.

Later in the season around July or August we will have a selection of our Marathon long distance birds. These include direct from the principle Cor de Heijde, Wijnands Maastricht and Hermans Hoekstra breeders from £300 to £500 each depending on pedigree.

Please note we never have young bird kits available.

All prices are plus shipping / delivery.

For individual inquires or for specific mating’s please email or phone Peter on 01248 355183.

If you order birds to be bred in advance please expect to pay a 50% strictly non returnable deposit (Under any circumstances whatsoever) and the balance paid in full before dispatch.