We have a total of Sixty Two for sale by Auction on Saturday 15th January 2022 in the Savoy Hotel, Queens Promenade, Blackpool FY2 9SJ.

                       Viewing at 6.30 pm –  Sale Starts 7.45 pm

The auction will be conducted by Stuart Wilcox Auctions who will be more than happy to arrange any commission bids if you can not attend.

Contact details 07715 166066 or email [email protected]

Any further information required please contact me by email [email protected] or give me a call on 07836 334954.

Yours in Sport,

Peter Fox

Syndicate Lofts

Lot 1. Blue w/f Cock GB21D49368                                                         

In 2020 we only bred one youngster from Rhiannon and that was in the first round. However in 2021 we coupled her to a new mate and were very pleased to breed six youngsters. Lot 1 is one of them and is very special indeed. Although he is a late bred he is perfect in every way.


Lot 2. Blue Cock GB21V38165

A top class young cock with an incredible winning gene pool.


Lot 3 Blue Cock GB21V38082

From IVANA daughter of RHIANNON and becoming one of our star new breeding hens. Sire of Lots 3 & 4 is WARRIOR a son of WAR DRUM when paired to SISTER BLUE BARON 700


Lot 4. Blue Hen  GB21V38083 

From IVANA daughter of RHIANNON and becoming one of our star new breeding hens. Sire of Lots 3 & 4 is WARRIOR a son of WAR DRUM when paired to SISTER BLUE BARON 700


Lot 5. Blue Cock GB21V38154.

This is an inbred NIEUWE ROSSI and EENOOGSKE late bred cock and probably the last one we will ever offer direct from MAX.


Lot 6. Blue Cock GB21V38087                                                                                             

Bred from ALONSO a son of the SAFIER COUPLE of Leo Heremans and a daughter of the OUDE ASDUIF of Johan Donckers. Nothing better or closer is available anywhere from these original bloodlines


Lot 7. Blue Hen GB21V38497                                                                                                 

Bred from ALONSO a son of the SAFIER COUPLE of Leo Heremans and a daughter of the OUDE ASDUIF of Johan Donckers. Nothing better or closer is available anywhere from these original bloodlines


Lot 8. Blue Hen GB21V38040.

This has to be one of the stars of the auction. She is magnificent and with an incredible bloodline. This hen has everything


Lot 9 Blue Pd Hen GB21V38039    

WITPEN MIKE (Strain Maker x Abagail) x Blue Flame (Golan x Sunday Girl)


Lot 10. Blue Pied Hen GB21V38096                                                                                   



Lot 11. Blue Ch.Hen NL21-1275230                                                                                      

A full sister to our 2nd club Quivrain 477 b, 4th Combine 3318 b and 32nd Combine Biergies 3613 b this season.


Lot 12 Blue Checker cock GB21V38489                                                                            

We offer this cock with every confidence that he will continue to add to the illustrious CV of his famous sire WAR DRUM.

Handling a bird guarantees nothing but it is especially nice to have a good handling, class individual around us in our lofts. 

WAR DRUM himself was bred by Syndicate Lofts and purchased as a baby by Price Brothers and Son of Stourport where he bred 14 x 1st Federation winners won only by his direct children. Steve only bred three or four to race maximum in any season from him and had no room in his small team to race grandchildren, however since WAR DRUM has returned to breed at Syndicate Lofts his grandchildren have won literally countless Federations, Sections, Combines and Specialist Races all over the country.

It is impossible to count accurately however we have reports of fanciers with individual breeding four, six, eight and even twelve First Federations in quick time. He is one of the best breeders we have ever owned and many of his offspring with various hens have been retained for our future breeding plans.




Lot 13. Blue Ch Hen GB21V38010.                                                                                        

Now here is a real beauty of a hen with a golden pedigree. This hen is the same way bred as GB21V38372 Layla winner of 8th Algarve Great Derby Race 1 against 2740 b, 102nd Hot Spot 2 against 2986 b and 134th Algarve Great Derby Final against 2026 b.


Lot 14. Blue Checker Hen GB21V38174                                                                                    

PROPERE 10 (Propere x Athena) x MAXINE (Dtr Jonge Asduif of Johan Donckers) quite simply a top quality beautiful young hen bred from PROPERE 10 our top breeder.



Lot 15a. Blue Cock GB21V38170                                                                                              

Lot 15b. in bis Blue Cock GB21V38171

These nest mate cocks are both magnificent and are bred directly from THE PORTUGAL PAIR a new real super pair that we have discovered. We are building a future line around this pair as we think they are really that good however we cannot spare two cocks of this quality to be sold right now, therefore we offer the two brothers IN BIS which means the buyer chooses which one he wants and the other one returns to our breeding loft.                                                                                             

Not only do the PORTUGAL PAIR offspring win at all levels but they are totally magnificent in their handling and muscular qualities.

They have bred:

BLUE and LONESOME  *1st Ace Pigeon Algarve Golden Race 2017 and Car Winner against 5097 entries. One and a half hours ahead!

SHOOT TO THRILL  *1st UK 203 b, 12th International 3,044 b Hot Spot Average SAMDPR 2017 *3rd UK 260 b, 50th International 4,109 b Grand Averages SAMDPR 2017.

STREET FIGHTING MAN *13th British Masters H.S.1 Guernsey 206 b *16th British Masters Final Fougeres   127 b

THE GUNSLINGER   *70th Algarve Golden Race 2020 Final 3,036 b

WHOLE LOT OF ROSIE *212th Algarve Great Derby Final against 2026 b  *24th prize in Hot Spot 2 against 3253 b.

LADY MADONNA  *4th prize in the Prince of Wales International Semi Final Race 159 b

The PORTUGAL PAIR are grandparents of:

NL21-1275111 *1st club Quievrain 477 b, 3rd Combine 3318 b 2021

PSYCHEDELIC STAR *34th Golden Algarve One Loft Race 2019 Final 3,522 b 500 km in heat and headwind

RAINBOW LOVE*18th Semi Final Algarve Derby 2020 against 2054 b.

AMERICAN PIE *97th Algarve Golden Race Final against 4565 entries 2021

SOUL MAN *104th Algarve Golden Race Final against 4565 entries 2021

BEACH BOY *95th  Hot Spot 2 Algarve Great Derby 2021 against 2986 b *22nd Hot Spot 3 Algarve Great Derby 2021 against 2882 b *19th Training Race 4 Algarve Great Derby 2021 against 3253 b

MICK 2 (Watts and Bastone)*bred from a grandson of PORTUGAL PAIR  *63rd Algarve Golden Race Final against 4565 entries 2021


Lot 16.Blue Cock NL21-1275172                                                                                  

Brother to 1st Club 477 b, 3rd Combine Quievrain 3318 b in 2021.



Lot 17. Pen.Blue Cock GB21V38081                                                                                     

Two children of BLUE CLOUD yet another young talent in our breeding loft from the PORTUGAL PAIR


Lot 18.Blue Hen GB21V38327   

Two children of BLUE CLOUD yet another young talent in our breeding loft from the PORTUGAL PAIR


The DNA of the Elite in today’s Belgian and Dutch National Racing from 400 to 750 km.

Lot 19. Blue Ch.Cock GB21V38192




Here are two stunning examples of the very best Rik Hermans bloodlines. Simply the very best there is for National and Classic racing around the world. Inbred to the legendry PROPERE.

Lot 20. Blue Cock GB21V38471 


Lot 21. Blue Tic Hen GB21V38090    Sister to Lot 20.



Lot 22. Blue Cock. GB21V38125.                                                                                          

A very rare inbred grandchild of ATHENA the SUPER HEN of Jan and Rik Hermans.


Lot 23 Blue Cock.GB21V38159                                                                                           

Top quality and bred from a bloodline of Results, Results and More Results!


Lot 24.Blue Hen GB21V38160

Nest mate to Lot 23


Lot 25. Blue Pied Hen GB21V38065                                                                                     

Perfect in every way and a gene pool once again of the very best crossed together.


Lot 26 Blue Cock GB21V38066     

Nest mate to Lot 25


Lot 27. Blue Ch.Cock GB21V38464

This magnificent specimen is bred from our top breeding pair AMULET x SISTER SPHINX Responsible for:                                                                                                      

*1st RPRA One Loft Race 2021 (Chapelford Lofts) winning £25,000 

*33rd  Final Race SCMDPR 2019 2531 b

*1st WOESRC  Bedhampton 1563 b (Paul Weams via Shaun Stockley)

*1st MNFC Carentan 4440 b (Dean Cartmell) 

*4th NFC Sennen Cove 5738 b (S.Whittle)




**The following Two Lots from Foxy Lady are in BIS**

FOXY LADY has shown no signs of laying problems or fertility issues, in fact quite the opposite as she is always in top health and condition.

We have however decided due to the sheer volume of outstanding performers in her second, third and now fourth generation to retain everything we breed from her. Now is the time to secure our own future breeding loft.

We will take a view in future years when possibly one each will be available for our Gouden Duif annual gift or our Stuart Wilcox auction.


Lot 28A. Blue Cock GB21V38499                                                                                       

Direct from FOXY LADY with BLUE SPIDER one of the most promising young talents to enter our breeding loft in the last few years and he is a son of SPIDEY bred by Willem de Bruijn and owned by Luc and Hilde Sioen considered by many experts of the Continental Scene to be the best breeding cock of the last twenty years in Belgium.

BLUE SPIDER bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen of Moorslede who recently had a major sale in Belgium when 178 lots made €2.9 million and the principle buyers where the Belgian and Dutch fanciers themselves.                                                                               

This incredible bloodline is based on SPIDEY bred by Willem de Bruijn form the original Heremans Ceusters bloodlines of the early nineties crossed with the offspring of the sensational hen ANOUK bred from a brother of Rik Hermans ATHENA.

SPIDEY was bred by Willem de Bruijn their principle breeder and sire of: 


*1st National Argenton 15,235b

*1st National Limoges 9661b

*28th National Chateauroux 13,098b                                                                                    


*1st National Poitiers 14,109b 13 min ahead (1st fastest 26,486b)


*2nd National Argenton 15,235b 

*1st National Zone Chateauroux 1010 b

*2nd Provincial Cleremont 6144 b

*25th National Argenton 11,823 b 

*44th National Bourges  20,284 b 

*68th National Gueret   5331 b 

*73rd National Bourges 20,397 b 


*6th National La Souterraine 9760 b 

IRNE *15th National Chateauroux   8640 b 

*4th National Zone Vierzon  1160 b 

*35th Provincial Pontoise 10,712 b

SPIDEY is principally original Heremans Ceusters bloodlines when they dominated the Antwerp Scene just after the Millenium… KLEINE BLAUWE…ROSSI…SPINNEKE.

Dam of SPIDEY is the super racing and breeding hen TINA a sister of ANOUK and winner of:                                                                                                                                           

*23rd National   La Souterraine 11.236 b  

*29th National Poitiers 12.379b

*10th Provincial Fontenay  7568 b

*44th Provincial Bourges 3080 b

*62nd National. Zone Bourges 3085 b 

TINA is dam of:


*58th National Chateauroux 13.098 b

*61st National  Bourges 19.133b

TINA 65: 

*82nd National Bourges 20.284b

*89th Provincial Pontoise 10.712b  

TINA 06:

*12th Provincial Clermont  9439 b

TINA is one of three fantastic sisters and one brother at the base of the Sioen colony through the Rik Hermans bloodline of SCHELE van der JAARLING (Brother ATHENA) and SERGIO and MINERVA of Willem de Bruijn.

Dam of Lot 28 is FOXY LADY bred and raced by Price Brothers and Son to win:

*1st Section 897b                                                                                                                             

2nd Open MNFC Countances 8,984b

*1st Section 745b

2nd Open MNFC Ancensis 5,612b

*1st Section 1,125b                                                                                                                     

3rd Open MNFC Fourgeres  8,359b

In only three channel races in her short career ! Her bloodline is well documented and contains nothing but classic National Ace Winners and Olympiade Ace Pigeons.


Lot 28B IN BIS  Blue Cock GB21V38343 and what a SPECIMEN!

Take time to handle this super cock and appreciate his strength, muscle structure, feather quality richness of eye colour and we are sure you will agree a loft of top pigeons could be bred around this cock.                                                                                                                                  

The buyer will have a difficult decision to make to select between these two magnificent sons of FOXY LADY!               

Sire of Lot 28 is SOLOMON bred by Gerard Koopman from JERSON winner of:

*1st Olympiad Ace Fond, Sloveakia

*1st Ace Duif  Afdeling 10 Overall 2012

*2nd NPO Orleans 3480 b

*6th NPO Pithiviers 6452 b

*15th NPO Troyes 8079 b

*28th NPO Pithiviers  7749 b

*56th NPO Orleans 4374 b

*86th NPO Troyes 4087 b

*9th Boxtel 9392b

*10th Boxtel 10,698 b

*11th Quievrain 6223 b.

JERSON is father of

*13-044 (5th Prov. 7893 b)

*14-907 (8th Prov11,936 b)

JERSON is Grandsire of:

*14-301(5th NPO Nanteuil 3924b)

*13-596 Malika (Ruud Bakker)

*1st NPO Blois 6631 b

*3rd NPO Bourges 5177 b

*LEANDRO a top racer in the Million Dollar Race.

Sire of JERSON is VRIEND winner of :

*1st Provincial Bourges 3456 b

*1st Toury 1863 b

*2nd Provincial Bourges 3988 b

*2nd Provincial Orleans 2219 b

*7th Orleans 8255 b.

Dam of JERSON is DAYDREAM 1st NPO Ablis 8,519 b and she is from CASSIUS a son of KLEINE DIRK x ANNALIES his full sister paired to MISS MOEKHOEK a full sister of DRUM bred from TIPS a son of ALADIN a son of KLEINE DIRK with LAST LADY a sister of KLEINE DIRK..

Dam of SOLOMON is MISS MARAKOT winner of 1st Ravenstein 11,509 b. She is bred from GOLDEN DIRK (Kleine Dirk x Golden Lady) paired with ZENDA a full sister of DRUM.

Dam of Lot 28 IN BIS is FOXY LADY



Lot 29. Blue Cock GB21V38162                                                                                            

The DNA of the Elite in today’s Belgian and Dutch National Racing from 400 to 800 km. ATHENA is prominent in the breeding once again.



Lot 30. Blue Checker Hen GB21V38093                                                                               

A hen of extra quality and she is a daughter of HERO breeder of ‘SHINE ON’ 7th Algarve Golden Race 200km 4,507 b (1st UK). HERO also bred the sire of 1st MNFC Carantan 2019 against 4,440 b for Dean Cartmell and many more top results.



Lot 31 Blue Hen GB21V38048

These are a full brother and sister of BASIL ‘The Racing Machine’…

Another full sister bred Phil Bates and Sons 1st Wrexham Federation Fougeres against 568 b and a half sister HIGH HOPES (Daughter Arundel) won 38th place in the Final Race Golden Algarve One Loft Race 2018 against 3,522 b from 505km in a testing race.

These bloodlines are successful in all National, Classic and One Loft races up to 450 miles even in challenging conditions. As you can see from the breeding these two are very heavy in the FIGO bloodlines both through


Lot 32 Blue Cock GB21V38148 

Brother to Lot 31


Lot 33 Blue Checker Hen GB21D49365.                                                                               

This is a late bred daughter of BASIL when he was paired to AMAZON as an experiment late in the season to see what they breed.

We include Lot 33 in this auction as she more than exceeded our expectations. She is a real beauty.



Lot 34 Blue Cock GB21V38032                                                                                                  

If you are looking for performance as close to the winning tree as possible, this lot is for you. He is bred from BASIL ‘THE RACING MACHINE’ coupled with FOXY GIRL the top performing nest sister of the incredible FOXY LADY.

We are also extremely pleased that not only have these two champion’s proven themselves at the races but reports of winners from both of them with various mates together with full brothers and sisters have been received from all parts of the U.K in double quick time.

A winning combination of winning genes crossed together inevitably produces more winning genes!


Lot 35. Blue Cock GB21V38091  

From GOLD DUST WOMAN our daughter of GEELOOGER that is creating quite a breeding CV!


Lot 36 Blue Hen GB21V38092

Nest sister to Lot 35



Lot 37 Blue Hen GB21V38135                                                                                              

YOUNG COUPLE X FOXY LADY X BLIKSEM what a potent combination!


Lot 38. Blue Checker Cock GB21D49348

A late bred direct son of WAR DRUM when coupled to a daughter of PROPERE RIK and FOXY LADY! Another superb handling young cock and we cannot offer any better bloodline all in one pedigree!



Lot 39 Blue Ch Hen GB21V38415                                                                                               

CHICO (Hannibal x Genie) x VENUS (War Drum x Sister Baron 700)



Lot 40 Blue Ch.w/f Cock GB21V38070




Lot 41 Blue Hen NL21-1275220                                                                                            

This is from our brilliant racer CESAR 6 x 1st prize winner and many top NPO National results. This hen is superb. She has moulted through and has developed a tough small to medium sized tight muscular body.


Lot 42. Blue w/f Hen NL21-1275205                                                                                             

Here is a lot that combines some of the best performing bloodlines in the world. Only our partnership of COLIJN GANUS FOX can breed from such a profile of the best bloodlines of the USA and Europe in our racing loft in Nieuwendijk, Netherlands.


Lot 43 Blue Cock NL21-1275227                                                                                       

Another one from the unique bloodlines of COLIJN GANUS FOX our Dutch racing Loft.



Lot 44. Blue Pied Hen GB21V38139 

Here are two absolute cracking sisters to our 1st UK,7th Overall (Eight on the drop) in the Algarve Golden Race 2020 from Braganca 496 km against 3036 b entered from an original entry of 5412 b.

Two small to medium sized round bodied muscular hens that carry very little weight and are at their best in 300 mile plus headwind races.

They are certainly bred for the job being from the best of the very best of Mike Ganus…Mona Lisa, Rocket and Phantoms Legend crossed with the Drum bloodline all mixed up together. It’s the best breeding strategy EVER!


Lot 45 Blue Checker Hen GB21V38140

Nest sister to Lot 44


Lot 46. Blue Pied Hen GB21V38073.                                                                                   

This hen is inbred to MONA LISA the best ever hen of Mike Ganus.

This hen Lot 46 and her two half sisters Lots 44 & 45 are not only for the One Loft Race Specialists they also excell in any Classic or National Races up to 450 miles when the going gets a little tough.

The BLUE MIKE and his brother BLUE STAR are now eleven years old and we will be lucky to offer such unique breeding in the future.


Lot 47. Blue Ch.Hen GB21V38011                                                                                        

Here are two Lots from a heavily inbred bloodline that changed the modern Pigeon Sport. We are often told to successfully inbreed we need to start off with the best of the very best individuals as inbreeding especially to this level magnifies the good points and bad!

Read this and the pedigree a few times to appreciate the concentration of the KLEINE DIRK bloodline. Then handle the two lots to clearly see that the quality has not only been retained but magnified. They are both perfect in type and can only improve another inbred line.



Lot 48.Blue Ch Cock GB21V38012 

Nest Brother to Lot 47 



Lot 49 Blue Ch.Cock GB21V38076   

Inbred FOXY LADY on the Sires side and Inbred DRUM on the Dams side!



Lot 50. Blue Ch Hen GB21V38077         

Nest Sister to Lot 49

Lot 51 Blue Hen GB21V38078   

Two magnificent children of our top breeder TWO TWENTY. WE can offer no better!


Lot 52.Blue Cock GB21V38079 

Nest brother to Lot 51


Lot 53.Blue Hen GB21V38130                                                                                              

This typical Smokey blue hen is the very best inbred lines of our renowned YOUNG COUPLE still winning at the highest level today as they did twenty years ago!



Lot 54. Grizzle w/f Hen GB21V38054

Direct  from our top breeder NITRO paired with a daughter of LADY LUCK.It is doubtfull if any better National Winning Bloodlines exist!

INBRED to LUCKY LUKE the Dirk Leekens standard bearer. 



Lot 55. Blue Checker Hen GB21D49337. 

This is a September hatched late bred.                                                                            

 A concentration of the very best Dutch National Ace Pigeons and Olympiade Champions not only of today but the last twenty years!




Lot 56. Blue Cock GB21R35681

This is a very late bred hatched end of September and is growing into a really nice type. He will be a great investment for the future. 


Lot 57. Schalie Blue Cock GB21V38294

BRAVE (Son Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske) x SWEET CAROLINE (Willem de Bruijn).

This Lot is bred from one of our principle breeding cocks crossed with the sensational Willem de Bruijn bloodline from his very best.

Willem de Bruijn is considered by most continental fanciers as the very best performance loft of the last ten years at least. The sheer volume of results is quite incredible not only for Willem de Bruijn but probably more importantly the very many top Belgian, Dutch and German fanciers who have improved their already top performances.

For our own breeding loft we need to very carefully select and add this winning DNA as it is important to our future breeding plans.

PLEASE NOTE: Brave has been less than 50% fertile this year and his nest brother MAX has filled only two eggs, so this is likely to be one of the last chances to buy from us direct from Brave.


Lot 58 Blue Cock GB21V38108    




Lot 59 Blue Hen GB21V38107 

Nest Sister to Lot 58


Lot 60 Blue Cock GB21D49352                                                                                               

I have included a lot of results in the text of this Lot to highlight the importance of the female side of Lot 60.

He is not only a grandson of the famous racing and breeding hen COWGIRL of Rik Hermans but on his dams side she descends from the incredible ANOUK of Luc and Hilde Sioen super racer and an incredible breeder. She is mother of JESSIE and also grandmother of AXANA amongst many others.

ANOUK once again is bred from a full brother to ATHENA of Rik Hermans who is a grandchild of BUBBLES the wonder hen of Gerard and Bas Verkerk bred by Ad Schaerlaeckens from Wounded Knee and a daughter of MATTENS x SISSI.



Lot 61.Blue Hen GB21V38132

An absolutely stunning hen in every department. She is perfect in the hand, perfect in the feather, perfect balance, and dark rich red eyes and as for her bloodline no closer to the original Heremans Ceusters champions is available today.

Inbred to the NIEUWE ROSSI x EENOOGSKE (The New Dream Pair) with THE FAVORIET KOPPEL and DI CAPRIO all in one pedigree. 

Lot 62. Blue Hen GB21V38085                                                                                                 

This is a powerful strong bodied hen once again with a pedigree of results after results all based on the original Heremans Ceusters bloodlines