*This is ‘Blue Baron’ one of several brothers and sisters that are super racers.    

‘Blue Baron’ was lightly raced as a youngster then in 2012 started winning early prizes. In 2013 he was lost in training before racing returning later in the season, so he missed the entire program. Maybe he would have been at his peak that season but we will never know.

In 2014 he started winning very early prizes again but once again was lost on the ‘Catastrophic Weekend’ for the Dutch and Belgian pigeon sport at the end of June. He returned a week later in reasonable condition and was re-coupled to his hen. During the sitting of eggs, his good condition returned so he was re – entered in the Autumn races where he won a series of early prizes once again including several firsts. On one occasion he was beaten into second prize by his own hen that beat him on a decimal. They were racing to chipping eggs. These were the first eggs that ‘Blue Baron’ had ever reared as he has a very annoying habit of getting off the eggs at 5 days. Its like he wants to go onto widowhood!!

We are not so sure if he will be raced next season. We will wait until the Spring to see how he feels about it.

Blue Baron