This is ‘Blue Spirit’ a really good breeding hen. She was bred by Gaby Vandenabeele from ‘Kleinen’ and ‘Flicka’ so therefore a full sister to ‘Wittenbuik’.

This hen was sold to a German fancier as a youngster and bought by Ad Schaerlaeckens for Mike Ganus as a two year old. She was loaned to Mikes great freind Antione Jacobs from Voorselaar together with another hen from ‘Picanol’ for a breeding season.

She then bred in Holland together with all the other ‘Picanol’ and ‘Kleinen’ children with great success before coming to the breeding loft in North Wales.

Everywhere she bred she produced fantastic racers and breeders in all types of top competition.

A son of her when paired to ‘Blue Diamond’ bred Eric and Ruth Higginbottoms Saintes NFC winner in 2010. A granddaughter of her also when paired to ‘Blue Diamond’ bred the ‘Gribbles’ Syndicates R.P.R.A. One Loft Race winner in 2011 winning £20,000 and this same hen bred their Car Winner in the Sun City Million Dollar Race this year.

While she was at Antoine Jacobs she bred the ‘Blue Mike’ that became a base breeder for Antoine. ‘Blue Mike’ bred the ‘Minieum’ that was a tremendous racer and breeder. The great Antwerp Champion Rudi Deils bought a granddaughter of ‘Minieum’ from Antoine and bred his B10-6200593 the winner of 1st Asduif Union -ZAV Yearling and 6th KBDB National Asduif Kleine Halve Fond 2011.

‘Blue Spirit’.. she was a real good one!