The National winner  of Belgium from Argenton II in the category “old birds” against 7,842 birds is Bosmans-Leekens (Beverlo).
The pigeon was clocked last Saturday at 12:43:20 after a race of 569.026 km, achieving an average velocity of 1759.87 m/min.

The winning hen ‘Chalon’ is quite exceptional having scored at the very top this last few seasons.

We are very proud to own her grandmother ‘Lady Luck’ that had bred some top birds for Leekens Hermans before we transferred her to our own breeding loft where she has continued  her winning streak. She is a direct daughter of Dirk Leekens legendary ‘Lucky Luke’ so the odds were stacked in her favor from day one!


‘Chalon’ ….What A Hen!!

The golden thread in her pedigree….


‘Lady Luck’ bred by Leekens Hermans from their super breeder ‘Lucky Luke’ …she is granddam to ‘Chalon’ as well as multiple top performers in Belgium and the UK…