This handsome blue cock is NEHU17EC3252 ‘Mitch’ bred and raced by Bowden Brothers of Skelton Green.

He was the winner of Best Yearling in the East Cleveland Fed in 2018 and Best Old Bird in the East Cleveland Fed 2019 culminating in winning 1st Fed,1st Section and 2nd Up North Combine Burbure 313 miles on 21st July 2019 against 8,021 birds.

Sire of ‘Mitch’  is a fantastic a fantastic cock of Bowden Brothers old Van Loon bloodline and is was the winner of 5 x 1st  club and 1st Fed Lillers.

Dam of ‘Mitch’ was NL16-1627574 bred by Syndicate Lofts and was purchased as a baby from our South Shields Auction in 2016 and was bred from ‘Special One’ one of our top breeding children of Jan Hooymans ‘Harry’.

Dam of NL16-1627574 really is of golden winning blood descended from nothing but National Ace and Olympiade winners .on all lines of her pedigree being a daughter of ‘Belofte’ a super breeding full brother to our Champion Racer and Breeder ‘Blue Baron’ now in Jan Hooymans Loft when he was paired to ‘De 163’ the nest mate of ‘Blue Mike’ 1st Ace Pigeon Combine, 4th Dutch National Ace.

He was bred from ‘Top Star’ a son of ‘Young King’ (Son of The Young Couple) winner of *3rd National NPO Orleans 14.014 birds and *21st National NPO Orleans 9.003 birds as a young bird and dam of Top Star is ‘Chanel’ winner of *1st Orleans 2437 birds , *3rd National NPO Orleans 9800 birds, *5th National NPO Orleans 14.041 birds, *2nd Strombeek 2330 birds, *2nd Combine 8402 birds *3rd Creil 3616 birds *8th Combine 14.323 birds *6th Pithiviers 3784 birds *14th Combine 16.334 birds *11th Creil 8567 birds *19th Strombeek 1713 birds, *30th Creil 2030 birds *30th Pommeroeul 8567 birds.

Sire of Chanel is from ‘Winston’ a son of Mascotte (Direct from Farah Diba 1st Dutch National Ace 2003) paired to ‘Marita’ a full sister to ‘Aske’ (Grand daughter of Fieneke 5000 of Flor Vervoort) and Olymiade Ace Lievein .

Dam of Chanel’ is ‘Sterre’ a fantastic breeding daughter of ‘Jonge Super Champ’ a son of ‘Super Champ’ 1st Olymiade Ace Pigeon South Africa paired to a daughter of ‘King’ 1st Dutch National Ace Old Bird 1999.


This is Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry and he is the grand sire of ‘Mitch’ of Bowden Brothers.