The two youngsters are candidates for our South Africa Million Dollar Race team this year.
The father is the blue cock Frankel a direct son of our Young Couple. He has recently returned to our breeding loft in Wales from Mike Ganus’s loft in Indiana.
While in America he bred the winner of 1st Hall of Fame Trophy Race 350 miles into South Carolina on a testing day so maybe he can do it again with one of these youngsters in Africa?
He is coupled to Steffi a proven daughter of Golden Gaby paired to a sister of Kadet of Gaby Vandenabeele.
Steffi has bred us Federation and Combine winners as well as the winner of 69th prize in the Sun City Million Dollar Race final againt 3.155 birds.
She was bred at our loft before we sold Golden Gaby to Myrtle Lofts of M&D Evans where he has continued to produce winners at the highest level.

This is a new coupling of our great breeder Caliph (Reza x Dtr.Aviator) paired with Aspen bred by Leo Heremans(Power x Sister Nathalia).

Two more candidates from Tempo bred by Heremans Ceusters ( De Jan x Sister Euro) paired to Ninty (Atilla x Genie).