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Hans -Jorg Hallmann and Romario

  Hans-Jörg Hallmann with one of his favorites from the Romario line. A few years ago I wrote a 13-part series called "Ace Four Ever" about the world famous base pigeon Ace Four and his close family , how this super breeding line of Ad Schaerlaeckens was built up and how many top pigeons it had produced in the meantime ... Usually you write such a series about successful lines from the past, but it still appears to produce recent top breeders and racers. Even in the toughest One Loft Races where you have to compete against the best lofts [...]

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Duif Auction Blackpool 2020

Martijn & Buck De Kruijf Willem Tholenstraat (NL) Martijn and Buck de Kruijf from Woerden in the Netherlands are proving a big hit in the UK with some outstanding results gained with birds purchased in this auction. (A Hawthorn 6 x 1st in first season). A small back garden set up with big performances. With only 20 feet of loft space, every inch is used to the maximum advantage to get the most from their race team. 24 pairs of old birds are raced on double widowhood and their team of 60 youngsters are darkened. Highlights of their career include [...]

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There is only ONE Pros Roosen ! Part 3 The New Career…

Pros Roosen,Kermt   Part 3 - The new career (from 2001 )   Pros Roosen has always liked making bold remarks. If you don't know him, he could give the impression that he is saying things without really knowing what he is talking about. But Pros is no boaster, he is just unusually ambitious and he makes these remarks to show his determination ... So bear in mind that he plans to go for it again next season. "I have never had so many good ones in one team ..." Pros declares. The competition is warned.   You can only [...]

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There is only ONE Pros Roosen !…Part 2 The basis of the strain (1965-2000)…

Pros Roosen,Kermt,Belgium  In part 1 of this story you could read about the man Pros Roosen and about the way he prepares his pigeons into top achievements. Today we ask Pros how he acquired all those good pigeons. Because it can't be coincidence that he always chooses the best breeders ...     Part 2   The basis of the strain (1965-2000)   The shortest way to the top "I have been involved with pigeons for more than half a century," Pros begins, "and I must say that I have always been fairly successful ... How I come by good [...]

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There is only ONE Pros Roosen!… Part 1 The Man and the Fancier.

Pros Roosen one of the Sports biggest personalities and greatest pigeon fanciers passed away in August 2010. For quite some time prior to his passing, the renowned pigeon sport author 'Columbus' visited Pros and documented his thoughts about his lifetimes passion.  This work was published in the 'De Duif'  Pigeon Sport magazine in its original Flemish in 2009 shortly before Pros died and it we translated it into English for the 'Duif Chronicles Online' however due to the unfortunate timing of events, we decided not to publish at the time. Now its ten years later and we think it would now [...]

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