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James Huang wins Ace Pigeon Pioneer Club ~ Pigeon sold for world record of 2.78 million euros!

On November 1st this year the final positions in the Pioneer Club were decided in Beijing (China). This elite club - where the cream de la crème of the Chinese pigeon Sport crosses the swords, is widely regarded as the biggest competition in the world, and certainly has the highest prize money. The most important and prestigious title there is undoubtedly the Ace Pigeon, which was won in 2018 by James Huang, a Taiwanese businessman, based in Shanghai and in the Pioneer Club represented by Taiwanese top fancier Chen Yong-Shan, who races the Pigeons bred by James. 'James's Legend' [...]

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Co & Piet Verbree ~ A Magnificent 2015!

  *Co (to the right) , Marijke and Piet Verbree (to the left) ...For many years at the very top of the Dutch Pigeon Sport.   Putten is a village in the province of Gelderland, in the centre of the Netherlands. There, nature is still at its best, there is still a lot of agriculture, and there are many poultry farmers in the area. It is also a heavily forested area, and birds of prey are causing a lot of trouble for the pigeon fanciers. Gelderland still has a number of pigeon fanciers that can easily hold its own with [...]

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LUC SIOEN & HILDE VANOVERSCHELDE, MOORSLEDE, BELGIUM 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th National La Souterraine I & II in 2015…

  *A strong tandem: Hilde Vanoverschelde and Luc Sioen. Luc helps deciding on strategy and breeding, but the finer points of caring for the young pigeons and hens for the middle-distance, he leaves in the capable hands of his wife. Hilde has 'it' in the fingers, that much is clear. If you can win 5 nationals, you are a natural talent. And very probably, we haven't seen the last of it.   PART II: A ruthless selection is the best medicine   In part I you could read that up till now Luc Sioen has had an eventful pigeon career. [...]

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LUC SIOEN & HILDE VANOVERSCHELDE, MOORSLEDE, BELGIUM ~ 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th National La Souterraine I & II in 2015

*Hilde and Luc Sioen have already had an eventful career. With the current successes on the long middle-distance they are writing yet another important chapter...   PART I: The eventful pigeon career of Luc Sioen   Hilde who? I hear you asking. Indeed, Hilde is usually mentioned in the same breath as her husband Luc Sioen. But although she doesn't race under her own name, we can certainly add her full name to the chronicles of the pigeon sport as someone who has 'it' in the fingers. Otherwise you wouldn't win five big nationals under your own steam, otherwise you [...]

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People and Pigeons~ Ad Schaerlaeckens in conversation with ANDRE ROODHOOFT…

  People and Pigeons~ Ad Schaerlaeckens in conversation with ANDRE ROODHOOFT It's not going well for the pigeon sport, unfortunately. What are emerging are the mega lofts, professional lofts, but despite that also... there is positive interest in the short-distance, or long middle-distance as they call it in Belgium. For me, the man we are introducing to you here is possibly the best in this discipline, together with Willy Daniels. And when I say the best, I mean the best of them all. When I mentioned this in a small group of fanciers from Antwerp a short while ago, I [...]

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