Chapelford Lofts…1st RPRA One Loft Race Final… 2020..

What can only be described as very well deserved is the success today of Lee Owen of Chapelford Lofts , Warrington winning 1st Prize in the final of todays RPRA One Loft Race from Alnwick, which from an original entry of 1502 birds, 573 made it to the grand final with Chapeltown Lofts winning 1st Prize and the £25,000 winners Prize. Lee Owen is from a pigeon racing family with his Father who sadly passed away a few years ago being very successful including winning the very prestigious Bamfords Gold Ring Race a few times. I am sure this will [...]

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A Stunning Nest Pair For Sale~100% Original Leo Heremans Very Best…

We have a really nice pair from the very best of Leo Heremans original principle champions that have formed the base of some of the Pigeon Sport's modern stars... These two have reared exceptionally well, being really nice and muscular in the hand and not massive like some original Heremans Ceusters bloodline birds tend to throw. They are nice and silky in the feather and gleaming in health. The price is £1000 for the nest pair plus carriage. Phone Peter on 01248 355183 if interested. Sire of the nest pair for sale is is PRINCE LEO a direct son of:  [...]

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1st Provincial Asduif Young and 1st Combine Asduif Midfond 2020…

After a very uncertain season, we proud to have ended the program on a very high note. The Championships have been published and apart from some excellent team award we are very pleased to have won two very prestigious Ace Pigeon awards. Our young cock NL20-2009601 won 1st Provincial Ace Young Bird Brabant 2000 against 1800 members. He is bred from 'Special One' our top breeding direct son of Harry of Jan Hooymans paired with 'Favorite' a new breeding talent in our stock loft bred from Junior (Son Young Couple) with Rhiannon (Full Set x Pink Eyes). Special One...A [...]

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Miles Foster,Sons and Daughter… Two Quite Exceptional Wins!…

Further to my post a few weeks ago, Miles Foster reports again of Foster Sons and Daughters further success winning 1st Prize in the Algarve Great Derby One Loft Race Hot Spot 3 from Vimierio against 2137 entries. Their pigeon 'White Cap' also won 8th Prize in the Hot Spot 2 from Evora against 2205 entries the week before. What is quite exceptional is Foster Sons and Daughter won the 1st in the RPRA One Loft Race Hot Spot 2 against 799 birds from Ashbourne against 799 entries two weeks ago with GB20N19861 a full brother to 'White Cap'. So [...]

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