Rafferty and Toman…1st NIPA Young Bird National Talbenny 2021…

I received a very nice montage of  'Magical Jen' and her parents from Geoffrey Douglas . She won 1st NIPA Young Bird National from Talbenny when 297 members sent 2616 birds for the Gilford fanciers Rafferty and Toman in 2021. The winner 'Magical Jen' was bred and raced by Rafferty and Toman from a pair obtained from Geoffrey Douglas and we are very pleased to say they are 100% Syndicate Lofts bloodlines. Sire of the winner is from a son of Amadeus (Direct son Di Caprio) x Ivy (Daughter Safier Couple Leo Heremans) paired to a daughter of Bronco (Son [...]

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Big In Japan…

More great news from Tadashi  in  Tokyo... Mr Hiroshi Ideura wins 1st Prize in the final race of the Hiroshima International Loft Race from Takaoka a distance of 400 km with Spitfire JPN20-DA12159 against 472 entries. She was bred from JAPAN15-KA18401  Blue Cock ‘BAR ROOM HERO’ who himself was raced in the Hiroshima International loft 2015 where he won 25th against 1,115 birds in the race from Kyoto-Kameoka 200km, 29th against 713 birds in the race from Fukui-Tsuruga 300km and then 2nd against 281 birds in final race from Kurobe 500km. 'BAR ROOM HERO' also bred the winner of 1st [...]

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News From Japan…

News from Rik Hermans reporting his pal Tadashi (Standing between me and Jan...not the horse!) from Tokyo's great result from their 300km race last weekend where he took the first five positions against 1350 birds. We are very pleased that once again his winner is down from  GB13V28525 'Kamisori Bomber' bred by us from Bandit (Outlaw x Rowen) and Moonglow (Drum x Joy) and is now a quite exceptional breeder  for his new owner Hiroshi Ideura in Japan. Tadashi's winner was bred a son of JAPAN14-KA37733  Blue Hen 'Ururu' a daughter of 'Kamisori Bomber' bred by Hiroshi Ideura  when he [...]

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De Duif Article 17th February 2021…

This is a copy of the article featured in this weeks De Duif magazine. English text translation further below:     Comb. Colijn-Fox 1st Champion Young Birds Brabant 2000 from De Duif number 7, 17th Feb 2021. Nieuwendijk is a small village located on the edge of the Biesbosch National Park and is characterized by the freshwater tides, the rivers and willow-wood forests. With the construction of a dyke in 1646 it created a border with the Biesbosch and they reclaimed new land. The result of this laid the basis of the village of Nieuwendijk. This dyke protected the village. [...]

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