Champions Reveal…Their untold secrets by Victor Vansalen

Posted January 16, 2019 in News

The world Pigeon Sport best seller by Victor Vansalen published by De Duif…. English version still in Factory Wrapping…. Very Limited Stock Available to clear only £20 per copy. Only available for collection at the Syndicate Lofts Stand or from Stuart Wilcox Auctions in the Savoy at Blackpool.

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Approximately 24 late breds for sale on our stand in Blackpool

Posted January 14, 2019 in News

We will have a selection of around 24 late breds for sale on our stand in Blackpool from £150 to £500 each on Saturday 19th January and maybe Sunday 20th January subject to availability.. They are a mixture of our bloodlines. Please note, we have no long distance bloodlines available.

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De Duif Olympic Special 2019..

Posted January 13, 2019 in News

The Olympic Special 2019 published by De Duif will be available in the Blackpool Show. Stuart Wilcox Auctions will give one free copy to every buyer in the Duif Golden Collection auction on Friday night in the Savoy. They will also be available on the Syndicate Lofts stand on Saturday and Sunday at £2.00 each […]

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