Price Brothers and Son Provisional 1st Section Carantan MCCFC ….

This is 'Major Drum' a real top producer  for Steve Price... I was very pleased to receive a report from Steve Price of  Price Brothers and Son of Stourport that they are provisionally 1st Section A and 4th Open in yesterdays Midlands Continental Flying Club's Carantan race against almost 1800 birds. The section winner is bred from Steve's quite outstanding young breeder 'Major Drum' bred from 'Skyfall' our very good son of James Bond of Jan Hooymans  when he was coupled to 'Genie' probably the best breeding hen we ever bred from our renowned pairing 'Drum' with 'Gerrie'. 'Major Drum' [...]

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Some More Creditable Performances Through Propere Rik..Dean Cartmell wins Blandford and Steve Guildea wins Frome.

*Propere Rik...proving to be an exceptional line. Dixie Dean Cartmell's team are in top form this year..out of four races he wins 1st Heart of England Fed for the third time last week from Blandford and the week before he won 3rd Heart of England Fed from Purbeck after a bad trap clocking his second pigeon first! From Blandford his winner was a yearling bred from the Father of his MNFC Vire winner last year bred from a son of Amulet (Hannibal x Stardust) with Sister Sphinx bred by Rik Hermans. The mother of his Blandford Fed winner if from [...]

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Dixie Dean Cartmell….Outstanding start to the season.

*This picture is of Brave our top breeding son of Leo Heremans direct from the famous pair Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogje. Brave and his nest brother Max have quite incredible breeding records. Brave paired to a daughter of Bandit x Moonglow bred our own best youngster in Nieuwendijk last year winning 6th Asduif Natour in the Union de Baronie Combine. Tim Atkins has a brother and sister bred from Brave with Liberty (Atilla x Little Star) that has bred 12 x 1sts between them. Dean Cartmell has his own great breeding son of Brave x Little Star that has now [...]

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Propere Rik….

This very disrupted season has at last started. Our great breeding cock 'Propere Rik' has proven himself once again as a really proponent sire of winners with various hens. His offspring have started the season where they left off last the very top. Peter Embreghts Theunis the Dutch Champion messaged to say the descendants of 'Sun' a hen we gifted a few seasons ago has continued the winning ways into a further generation. 'Sun' was bred direct from 'Propere Rik' and 'Athena's Best' a daughter of the Rik Hermans super hen 'Athena'. She was coupled with Peter's foundation cock [...]

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Hans -Jorg Hallmann and Romario

  Hans-Jörg Hallmann with one of his favorites from the Romario line. A few years ago I wrote a 13-part series called "Ace Four Ever" about the world famous base pigeon Ace Four and his close family , how this super breeding line of Ad Schaerlaeckens was built up and how many top pigeons it had produced in the meantime ... Usually you write such a series about successful lines from the past, but it still appears to produce recent top breeders and racers. Even in the toughest One Loft Races where you have to compete against the best lofts [...]

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