Algarve Golden Race 2022 Final…

Saturday 2nd October was the Final Race of the Algarve Golden Race held from Bragança a distance of 505 km. Around 7100 birds was initially entered into the series with 3623 birds going to the final.  The final was a tough affair with only 623 birds home on the day leaving 3000 out on the night. It was tough but very fair and a very good testing race. Our own performance was a little dissapointing however upon reflection we have to be satisfied with 6 on the day including four in the  prizes. Interestingly of the six we had home [...]

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25th and 58th ~Algarve Great Derby Final Race…

Yesterday was the final race of the 2022 Algarve Great Derby raced from Alfandega da Fé a distance of 486km against 2063 birds. We are disappointed we didnt achieve a top ten finish, however thats Pigeon racing and 25th isnt so bad. Many congratulations indeed not only to Gert Rotman, NL the winner of 1st overall in the race, but also to Murphy's Mob for 1st UK 4th International and Team Tinks Treasures for 1st Ace Pigeon. Here are the pedigrees of our first four arrivals: Samba Beat... 25th prize Algarve Great Derby 2022 against 2063 entries.   [...]

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Lee Bastone ~ 1st UBI Combine Exeter 1419 birds 17/09/22…

In the autumn of 2019 we coupled Pharoah the cock of our Portugal Pair who had just bred some exceptional performers as a yearling and two year old to Stella one of the best breeding hens we ever bred from our old legendry couple Drum x Gerrie. The result was only one of the pair of eggs survived and was a really smart looking Blue Cock that matured very well indeed and we decided to include him in our Doncaster auction of that year to present as varied a selection of our very best bloodlines that we had available. We [...]

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GB22Z16145~ 2 x 1st Section BICC Young Bird Nationals 2022…

Had a message from Mr Ray Roberts reporting some results bred from a yearling cock purchased as Lot 23 in our Blackpool Auction in January. Blue Cock GB21V38159 bred from Little Big Man and Ariel was sent on loan to Ray's friend David Paine of St.Neots who paired him to a James Parker hen to breed GB22Z16145 the winner of 1st NC Section in the BICC Young Bird National in both Guernsey 1 and Guernsey 2 races. These were also very different races with winning velocities of 1683 ypm and then 1042 ypm, so a very versatile pigeon indeed. [...]

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Algarve Great Derby Semi Final 2022…

Friday 23rd September was the Semi Final in the Algarve Great Derby 2022 edition from  São Lourenço a distance of 205 km against 2,349 birds. First we must congratulate not only John Gladwin for winning 1st UK , 5th International but especially Team Tinks Treasures for winning 2nd,3rd,4th UK and 12th,18th and 20th International! We are also very happy indeed with our own team perfromance starting with 5th UK, 23rd Interantional with Miss Murphy then 44th International with Basils Sister then 76th International with Super Spider and then 93rd International with Lucky Lucy. Best of luck to everyone in next [...]

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