Tough start to the young birds season…

Posted July 1, 2012 in News

The original team of 96 youngsters was severely tested five weeks ago on a short training toss from 15km.  Only 30 made home on the day with only a few returning the next day. Over the following weeks a few more returned or were collected from all points of  the compass. Never the less a team […]

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Two gift birds win two great races on the same day!

Posted June 24, 2012 in News

Yesterday was the National NPO race from Creil  with 11,056 birds competing.  We had a very good race taking prizes 12th,16th and 17th. The winner of 1st open was Jan Hoeke a club mate in Nieuwendijk and friend of Hans Colijn. Last year Hans gave Jan a gift of NL11-1866921 and this was the National NPO winner yesterday.  Our […]

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Creil 9th June 2012 ~ ‘218’ early again…

Posted June 12, 2012 in News

Last Saturday was another program middle distance race from Creil a distance of 330km to Nieuwendijk.The Wind was a strong westerly with rain en-route. Big losses by most fanciers was experienced that has continued to make the season one to try to forget as soon as possible. We were very happy to get NL08-3857218 early […]

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