Lot 63. Blackpool Auction 2020…

This super quality blue checker hen is NL19-1755754 a daughter of 'Bruce' bred by Jan Hooymans from his new top breeder 'New Harry' when coupled to 'Meghan' a direct daughter of our top breeder 'War Drum'. As a matter of interest the bloodline of New Harry goes back via gift birds to Jo Baas of Brakel to some of the original Mike Ganus blood from over twenty years ago of 'Godfather' 'Clone Class' and 'Michael Jordan'. That was top winning blood at the highest level and crossed and selected through racing with other top lines over the years produces even [...]

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Blackpool Auction 2020

These are two beautiful handling young nest mates of the very highest quality. They are direct from our fantastic breeding  hen RHIANNON when coupled with a direct son of the Super Breeding cock WAR DRUM!    Lot 1. Blue Pied Hen GB19A49670 Lot 1 Pedigree   Lot 2. Blue Pied Cock GB19A49671   Two direct from WITPEN MIKE..the direct son of GFL’s ABAGAIL one of the very best One Loft Breeding Hens in the World! Lot 3. Blue Cock GB19V51894 Lot 4. Blue Hen GB19V51895   One for the Leo Heremans fans!  Lot 5. Blue Hen  GB19V51909   [...]

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Two Consistent Performers SAMDPR 2019…

We are very pleased with today's performance in the SAMDPR winning 1st UK,15th International with 'THE JEAN GENIE'. This hen has been very consistent so far lying 78th Overall Grand Averages after 9 training races. We are also very pleased to have 'HUNKY DORY' flying consistently well lying 38th Overall Grand Averages so far. The remarkable thing about these two are they are both grandchildren of the GFL Super Breeding Hen 'ABAGAIL' whose breeding record in the biggest One Loft Races in the World is without equal. I must also stress that there is a very long way to go [...]

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Lot 53 Doncaster Auction 23rd November 2019…Check Pied Hen Direct Daughter of War Drum and Rhiannon…

Blue Ch. Pied Hen GB19V51808 will be for sale as Lot 53 in our Doncaster auction next Saturday 23rd November. This is a beautiful handling young blue check pied hen of the very highest quality.Her Sire and Dam are two of  our very best breeders at the moment.   Sire of Lot 53 is ‘WAR DRUM’ direct sire of children to win 42 x 1st Clubs and 15 x First Federations. His winning grandchildren are countless at all levels. Dam of Lot 53 is 'RHIANNON' without any doubt one of our principle breeding hens of the moment breeding top winners into [...]

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