Team Ede 45th Final SAMDPR 20102 winning $20,000….

Team-Ede Pigeons is with Christian Van de Wetering and Rik Hermans. 4 February at 09:53 “Lone Survivor” 6th UK 45th Open In The Final Of The Million Dollar Pigeon Race... This Cock Was The 5th AcePigeon Across 5 Hotspot Races.. From The 4 Birds Infront Of Him 2 Did Not Return At All From The Final & The Other 2 Did Not Make The Top 50... Lone Survivor Results HS1 7th UK... 54th Open 2334b.. 105 Miles HS2 26th UK... 468th Open 2216b.. 140 Miles HS3 18th UK... 294th... 2071b.. 165 Miles HS4 5th UK... 71st Open... 1947b... 180 Miles HS5 1st UK... 13th [...]

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The New Generation…

Solomon eye shot... As most fanciers that follow our bloodlines already know, we do not follow the fashion birds, but select very carefully new and original bloodlines that fit in with our own originals such as Drum or Young Couple and we select mainly on performance and type to continually move forward with our own new generation every season. Some of the bloodlines we are breeding with have been in our lofts for over twenty five years and continue to win at the very top of Classic and National racing today.Evidence of this can be read most weeks [...]

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Four Lots of The Young Couple in our Blackpool Auction…

The Young Couple are without any doubt the very best pair we have ever owned. Their bloodline runs like a Golden Thread through not only our own top birds but very many big winners throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. We have detailed the story of the Young Couple in our online publication 'The Young Couple....Galileo and Agent Starling'. If it is of interest to you please follow the link: Blue Cock GB19V51840 Grandson Young Couple Lot 25 in Blackpool Pedigree of Blue Cock GB19V51840 Grandson Young Couple Lot 25 in Blackpool Blue Cock [...]

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