Niergnies ~ 24th August 2019…

*This beautiful cock is 'Renegade' a direct son of 'Outlaw' when coupled with 'Lady King' the super racing and breeding direct daughter of the 'Young Couple.   'Renegade' is the father of our first bird this week.   This is 'Gold Dust' bred by Koen Minderhoud direct from his world famous 'Geelooger'.'Gold Dust' is dam of our first bird this week.     For our second natour race of 2019 we raced from Niergnies a distance of around 215 km to Nieuwendijk. One again we had a very good race with plenty of early prizes. Club  433 birds...2nd,5th,7th,14th,15th,21st,22nd,23rd,24th and [...]

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Paul Weems ~ 1st BBC Fougeres Young Birds 2019!

*Paul with partner Emma and two sons Jason and Jack ( little chunky). Many congratulations to Paul Weems on winning 1st Open BBC Fougeres Young Bird National yesterday. His winner is bred from a quite fantastic young pair that already bred a Gold Ring Winner and also a brother to the dam breeder of a 1st WOESRC winner. Only a young pair with so much future ahead of them. Details as provided by Paul: "Hi Peter as promised a little info on my pigeon: 100% Syndicate Lofts the sire is a grandson of the famous Drum and Gerry and Outlaw [...]

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First Natour Race 2019 ~ Bierges…

*This is Brave the nest brother to Max and another top class producer direct from Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogkske including breeding our first bird from Bierges. This last few seasons racing young birds in Brabant , has been very difficult indeed as it has been across the entire pigeon sport world due to losses and erratic racing that has made it extremely difficult to try out new bloodlines or build a progressively stronger team year on year. At the start of training the 2019 youngsters this year it became clear very quickly that this season was going to be no [...]

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