Yesterday was Chateaudun our last race of a very disrupted season and we finished on a high note.

The birds came very well with no losses and early prizes.

Club 131 birds…1st,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,11th,13th,16th,17th,18th,19th,20th,21st,22nd

Union de Baronie 1333 birds…10th,12th,23rd,49th,51st,61st

NPO Brabant 2000 against 6277 birds…56th,77th and a total of 18 prizes from 36 entries (50%)

First bird was NL20-1581151 a young blue hen direct from our top racer ‘Cesar’ when he was coupled with a daughter of ‘Zapata’ (Bandit x Moonglow) x Sister Sphinx of Rik Hermans.

Cesar our top Vitesse racer last season winning 2nd Ace Pigeon Combine.

Results of ‘Cesar’ NL-17-3723721:

Fontenay. 232 birds – 1st. Federation 1863 birds – 8th. National NPO 9425 bird – 42nd

Orleans. 161 birds – 1st. Federation 1419 birds – 10th. National NPO 7383 birds- 17th

Melun. 173 birds – 1st. Federation 2474 birds- 4th. National NPO 13,540 birds – 10th

Quievrain. 147 birds – 1st Federation 1810 birds – 9th

Quievrain 168 birds – 1st Federation 1615 birds – 5th

Peronne 93 birds – 1st Federation 993 birds – 1st

Pont St Max 428 birds – 2nd Federation 4781 birds – 4th National NPO 22,709 birds – 66th

Melun. 337 birds – 2nd Federation 3387 birds – 9th. National NPO 17,305 – 30th

Morlincourt. 419 birds – 5th Federation 3124 birds – 30th. National NPO 15,027 – 98th

Second pigeon was NL20-2009618 another hen bred from ‘Bruce’ (Son New Harry) paired to ‘Ivana’ (Grange x Rhiannon)

Third pigeon was NL20-1462513 details to follow.

Fourth bird was NL20-2009601 our best youngster this year. She is direct from Special One (Son Harry) paired to ‘Favorite (Junior x Rhiannon). This hen is Provisionally 2nd Ace Young Bird of the Combine 2020.

So we start preparations for next season right away with an exceptionally strong team of yearlings that have Provisionally won 1st Ace Loft Young Birds Combine Un Nominated…2nd Ace Loft Young Birds Nominated and four pigeons in the top twenty Ace Young Birds of the Combine 2020.



1st Chateaudun 131 birds…10th Federation 1333 birds…56th National NPO 6277 birds.


77th NPO Chateaudun 6277 birds                                                                                                                                 84th NPO Sens 10,005 birds…

4th Club 463 birds
31st Combine Niergnies against 3914 birds