After yet another holdover we raced from Chateaudun a distance of almost 500 km. It was a good hard working race and we was very pleased indeed with another win and 6 in the top 85 in the Union de Baronie Combine.

Club 169 birds…1st,2nd,8th,14th,19th 24th…

Union de Baronie 1338 birds…10th,12th,32nd,45th,58th, 85th…

Provincial 6409 birds…48th,55th

First bird and our winner this week was NL20-2009604 bred from our new breeding talent Bruce (Son New Harry) a Ivana (daughter Granger x Rhiannon). This checker hen has scored three times early in NPO or Provincial and her brother and sister have also won *NL20-2009617 ~ 3rd Sens 294 b.(12th Combine 2305 b) (96th Nat.NPO 12,400 b) and *NL20-2009618 ~ 3rd Chateaudun 131 b. (12th Combine 1333 b) (77th Nat.NPO 6,277 b) and 4th Sens 227 b. (22nd Combine 2050 b) (84th Nat.NPO 10,005 b).

Second bird was NL20-2009601 ‘SPECIAL BOY’

Special Boy

‘Special Boy’ scoring for the second time this season… and 1st Provincial, 6th Dutch National Ace Young Bird in 2020.


Third bird NL20-1581116 has the famous ‘Harry’ of Jan Hooymans on both sides of his pedigree being bred from a direct Hooymans cock and ‘Kate’ a beautiful daughter of’Mario’ one of our original direct children of ‘Di Caprio’  with ‘Sunday Girl’ our top breeding direct daughter of ‘Harry’.

8th Chateaudun 169 birds                                                                                                                                                    (32nd Combine 1338 b)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ( 8th Pt St Max 413 b.                                                                                                                                                               (34th Combine 3106 b)                                                                                                                                                        104th NPO 16,292 birds

Kate a daughter of Mario and Sunday Girl. She is the dam of NL20-1581116.


Our fourth bird was NL19-3920145 bred from a gift cock from Peter van Oerle coupled with a gift hen from Christian Van Weteringen…

NL19-3920145 our fourth bird yesterday…and she previously scored from Morlincourt earlier in the season.


Fifth bird was NL20-2009602 another multiple prize winner as a young bird and yearling and the nest mate to SPECIAL BOY so from Special One son of Harry x daughter Junior x Rhiannon.

Our fifth bird yesterday and nest sister to Special Boy…

Our sixth bird early in the Combine is NL19-3920157 scoring for the fourth time this season . Once again its from a son of SPECIAL ONE with a daughter of KING KANON x CLAUDIA (Drum x Little Star).