‘Alonso’ another top breeding child of Leo Heremans famous ‘Safier Koppel’. ‘Alonso’ together with his nest mate ‘Ivy’ another multiple top performance breeder including grand dam of 1st North West Combine 6000 plus birds two weeks ago are once more a credit to his stock sense and super high level pigeon sport ability.

Many congratulations to Chris Templar of Bristol who blue two year old hen is Provisionally 1st Open B.I.C.C. National from Truro on 30th May 2021 against 5479 birds. The father of the Truro winner was bred from the outstanding Laarhuis Kannibaal bloodlines that have proven themselves time and again at the top of National and Classic racing for Chris and his brother Nigel. Absolute class blooslines that stand the test of time.

We were delighted to have bred the mother of the Truro winner out of ‘Alonso’ one of a few direct chlidren we have bred with direct from Leo Heremans ‘Saffier Koppel’. ‘Alonso’ and his nest sister ‘Ivy’ also bred  have both been quite amazing breeders into the third and fourth generation.

‘IVY also bred the Sire of:‘Foxy Ali’ (Geoffrey Douglas) *1st Open NIPA Yearling Cocks Nat. Rosscarberry  359 sent 1728 cocks *1st Overall Yearling National 3259 birds.

IVY bred the Sire of : ‘Super Mario’ (Garry Inkley) *1st Section 1536 b *2nd Open BICC Alencon
National 4914 birds.
*1st Sect 265 b *3rd Open NFC Cholet 3395 birds.

IVY also bred the dam of:*1st N.W.Combine Frome 6194 birds (R&S Harris) two weeks ago.

‘Alonso’ was paired to ‘Miss Beatrix’ a daughter of ‘Dutch master’ and ‘Gerrie’ so therfore very inbred Koopman ‘Kleine Dirk’ once again to breed the mother of the Truro winner.

Koopman’s ‘Kleine Dirk’.. Van Dyck’s ‘Kannibaal’ …and in Stuart Wilcox’s case a major percentage of Gaby Vandenabeele ‘Kleinen’ DNA has proven there is still nothing to touch these lines in National and Classic racing throughout Europe despite the changing Fashions and Mania’s.

Special mention for Stuart Wilcox who won 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,8th Provisional Open against 5479 birds!! with his super classic performing Koen Minderhoud ‘Geelooger’ and Albert Derwa ‘Pauline’  crossed lines that are proving racing DYNAMITE. (5th Open was a Young Couple cross ).

Stuart messaged to say he didn’t know whether to ‘Laugh’ or ‘Cry’ being beaten into 2nd place by a fellow Bristol competitor. I think he will be crying as Chris Templar reported he bought the mother of his winner from Stuart in our Blackpool auction 2012!