This is ‘Syndicate Britannia’ a great race winner and breeder of winners into her fourth generation….


I spoke to Brian Clennan of Whitby today regarding his great performance flying as Clennan and Hanson in the East Cleveland Federation against 2483 birds from Huntingdon last Saturday.

Hi first prize winner is bred from a super breeding son of our ‘Blue 22’ cock that has now bred him 5 first Federation winners with various hens. This time he was paired to a Marina Van der Velde hen.

‘Blue 22’ was bred from ‘Syndicate Britannia’ that won the Vegas Race .com One Loft Race for us in Las Vegas from 300 miles and a total of $76,000!! a then record amount for one bird to win in America.

‘Britannia’ was returned to our breeding loft in North Wales after the race and she became a fantastic breeder with one of her direct sons winning the 1st prize in the ‘Channel Challenge’ One Loft Race winning over £5,000. Her children and grand children scored in most places and by most fanciers where they went.

‘Britannia’ was bred from ‘Top Dollar’ bred by Mike Ganus direct from the sensational ‘Topo’ that won 1st Dutch National Ace WHZB Middle Distance 1995 before being purchased by Mike. He went on to become a legendary breeder not only in America but around the world.

To retain the bloodline we coupled ‘Britannia’ to a son of ‘Topo’ to breed ‘Blue 22’ that went straight into our breeding loft. We then paired ‘Blue 22’ to ‘Layla’ a direct daughter of ‘Topo’ to breed Clennan and Hanson Five first Fed breeding cock including last weekends 1st Fed Huntingdon.

Many congratulations once again to Clennan and Hanson on their great performance.

Topo -2