Comb. Verbree, Putten…1st and 2nd N.U. Salbris 9986 birds..

*Last weekend saw the Noordelijk Union Race from Salbris (596 km) with 9,986 birds competing.

Co and Piet Verbree sparkled  in the overall results starting with 1st,2nd,9th,59th,105th,113th etc. and nine top prizes from 22 entries.

Winner of 1st N.U. Salbris 9986 b. was “Shakira”, a daughter of “Sergio” (E. Hoogland  and a top breeder for Comb.Verbree) x “Lucky Lady” (Daughter of “Olympic Zigo” x “Svetlana”, directly from Jan Hooymans’ top breeder “James Bond”).

Winner of 2nd prize was 12-776 “Azira” (daughter “Rono”, from “Crespo” x “Cindy” (Daughter Young Couple) from Peter Fox x “Mischa” Schaerlaeckens from “Wounded Knee “x” Daughter Invincible “). She won previously 5th N.U. Salbris against  9566 birds in 2013!

The 9th prize was won by 11-128 “Dino”, a top racer who already has won 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Natour races in 2011 withresults such as 1st Pommeroeul 1799 birds… 5th Nanteuil 7,697 birds … 11th St. Quentin 2333 birds etc. and he is a son of “Marchino” (1st Best Cock of the Netherlands WHZB 2011 (Schaerlaeckens and Koopman ) x “Sita” (proven racing hen from “Son Geralda” x “Royala” from a crossing of  Steven van Breemen x G & S Verkerk).