The main Championships have been awarded for this season and we are very pleased to have won 1st Champion Loft of our Combine the Union de Baronie in the Short Distance category against around 250 members.

We was also extremely pleased to score 2nd and 7th Ace Pigeons in the Combine.

In the Provincial Brabant 2000 against approx 1,500 members we scored 3rd Champion Loft and many congratulations must be given to Reijnen-Bolton-Hoogh for winning 1st place Provincial Champions Vitesse in a difficult season.

We started the season with 34 birds in our race team and could not have done any better considering the quality of competition and that we also did very well in the Middle Distance with the same team.


Comb Colijn & Fox  1st Champion Loft Vitesse  Combine Union de Baronie against approx  250 members 2019.


Comb Colijn & Fox ~ 2nd and 7th Ace Pigeons Vitesse Union de Baronie 2019.

3rd Provincial Champion Loft Vitesse Brabant 2000 against over 1500 members 2019

Cesar our top Vitesse racer this season winning 2nd Ace Pigeon Combine.

Pedigree of César


Pedigree of ‘813’ our 7th Ace Pigeon Vitesse Combine 2019.