*I received a message from Geoffrey Douglas of Lurgan, Northern Ireland last week that I thank him for very much:

“Dear Peter,

Just to let you know that the partnership of Collins and Douglas were crowned Irish National Flying Club Champions of 2015, having achieved the best average for the 6 National races in the past season, 2 at 234 miles,2 at 303 miles,1 at 455 miles and 1 at 477 miles.

I just would like to thank you for the fantastic bloodlines that you continue to provide us with each year,the best blood that you have sourced throughout the world at no expense spared. It is no doubt that your bloodline runs through 90% of our birds and our success and honour at winning this prestigious award has a lot to do with the superb birds that you have supplied this loft with over the years.

Many thanks and a very happy Christmas,


P.S. I have enclosed a photo if you wish to put on your website”