The top class fanciers from Stourport ~ Price Brothers and Son have had a great start to the season. In the Worcestershire & District Fed race from Frome last Saturday they had 6 birds drop together to win 1st,2nd,3rd,5th & 6th Fed (the sixth bird was entered as a trainer!).

Once again it is the fantastic Rocket Bloodline that is mainly responsible for the result.The ‘Rocket’ was bred and raced by Rinus Van Gastel (M.V.Van Gastel) of Roosendal from his Tournier bloodline and was purchased by Mike Ganus in early 2000.

‘Rocket’ was a real Superstar ! Not only winning 1st Dutch National Ace Pigeon of Holland in the W.H.Z.B. Competition in 1999 but he was also resonsible for a dynasty of NPO winners and Multi performance birds including the ‘Winner’ (Now owned by Franz Werner Reverman, Germany) who won 1st National Ace Middle Distance of Holland in 2004.

‘Rocket’ won short distance,middle distance and one day long distance races and is the type that could fly all day and never tire.

In 1998 he would have also won the 1st National Ace  award however he was not entered by Mr Van Gastel. ‘Rocket’ would have been the first bird to win 1st Dutch National Ace in back to back years!

‘Rocket’ is also the father of the unbelievable breeding cock ‘Dragon Rocket’ that is at the base of Embrechts Theunis the super Dutch fliers team before he was purchased for a fortune by Henk de Weerd.

Price Brothers and Son’s first bird last weekend for 1st Fed was a 2 year old Ch.Pied Hen that had won 2nd Open M.C.C. Carentan last year. She is bred from a son of our ‘Granger’ (Direct son of ‘Rocket’) when paired to a daughter of ‘Drum’ x ‘Seven 11’.

Their second bird was a Checker Hen bred from a son of our Marijke Vink cock ‘Araafa’ when he was coupled to a daughter of ‘Caliph’ the son of ‘Reza’.

Their third bird was a Checker W/F Cock  again bred from a son of ‘Granger’ but this time coupled with ‘Mary Kate’ the daughter of ‘Casanova’ another 1st Dutch National Ace winner. This 3rd Fed winner is the nest mate to the 1st Teurlings winner from Carentan last year and is also a previous double Fed winner.

Super bloodlines raced by super fanciers….many congratulations.

Worcestershire & District Federation of Flying Clubs

Secretary: G.Westwood, President: J Henwood
Frome on 19/04/2014 at 11:00 hrs
250 Members clocked birds
3700 Federation Birds.

Pos Name Club AFT Distance Bird Velocity
1 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:38:18 80m582y GB12S66202CPH 1438.155
2 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:38:21 80m582y GB13S46343CHH 1437.424
3 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:39:01 80m582y GB12P39863WFC 1427.747
4 JC.Willetts TwoGates 01:49:22 88m1157y GB13E31673BLC 1426.733
5 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:39:07 80m582y GB11S24512WFC 1426.307
6 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:39:08 80m582y GB12S66240BLH 1426.067
7 SHarford Worcester 01:26:38 70m289y GB12F15018BLC 1425.237
8 A.Wealthall&Son Blackheath 01:52:31 90m1336y GB12P33051BLC 1419.665
9 A.Wealthall&Son Blackheath 01:52:34 90m1336y GB12B37507OPH 1419.035
10 WWarburton&Son BeechTreeFC. 01:48:37 87m1021y GB12C45221BLC 1418.976


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