Cor de Heijde has shown once again from the St.Vincent National why he is a big name at the very top of  the pigeon sport. And he has once again proven that the bloodline of his world famous pigeon “The Klamper” excels especially in tough conditions.
What these birds have won in recent decades not only in their own loft but for many fanciers elsewhere defies the imagination.

Cor has won  to his own loft in 2011 the 1st Provincial Dax 2543 birds and the 1st NPO Cahors 4912 birds and in 2012 the 1st National Bordeaux against 4447 birds.
Now – in the first long distance confrontation of this season – it is again bingo…1st National St.Vincent S.1 against 9745 birds.

His new winner is “Marianne” NL12-3.22048 a summer youngster of 2012 and has not raced as a young bird. As a yearling she was trained and entered in some Natour flights (Autumn races) and was then presented with the basket for the Jubilee race from Limoges in Brabant 2000. It was a tough race and the pigeons achieved only 1000 meters per minute, yet “Marianne” accomplished well in her début with the 210th prize against 2762 birds.

This year she was prepared with five times  sprint and middle distance races and she was found to be very keen racing to her nest. Incidentally her full sister NL10/3017970 “The Cahors Hen” won 1st NPO Cahors 4939 birds and the 6th National Narbonne against 4303 birds.

“Marianne” is a pigeon that Cor very much likes to see. Small in size, very slim and soft plumage. She has very good muscles and is very balanced. Grand Master Cor tells us ” She is the kind of pigeon that he can only select with his eyes closed, the type he has dreamt of dozens of times.  The ideal ‘Klamper’ line” …

And finally: Cor compares his hen to Marianne Vos the Dutch Multi Olympic and World Champion lady Cyclist “She is petite and frail, yet very strong!”