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Cor de Heijde again one of the stars from Barcelona

In 2020 Cor won the11-17-26th national Barcelona. In 2019 he won the 11th national and in 2018 the 4th and 12th national. So it’s not illogical that Cor again was one of the big favorite’s for the 2021 edition.

In previous years it was always very difficult; however in 2021 Cor proves with his “Klamper” line that it matters little for his pigeons…

Cor basketed 17 pigeons for the “Queens Classic”, and clocked nationally against 4919 pigeons 2-8-218-426-548-583-755-833- 963 etc. Cor clocked his 11th and 12th pigeon Tuesday morning and these will probably still be classified internationally. What a performance 12 prizes from 17 entries!

The “weekend supreme” started well on Saturday morning from Dax (afternoon release) when Cor timed an early one with 12th National. Sector 1 against 5612 pigeons, 17th National overall against 11,124 pigeons.

We will give a quick introduction to the top pigeons of the weekend:

18-193 (hen) won 2nd National Barcelona 4919 pigeons and a previous winner of 22nd National Narbonne 6725 pigeons in 2020. Her father is full of the “Klamper” blood and comes from son of “Blue Dream” (1st Nat. Barcelona hens / 2nd Nat. / 4th Internat.) x “Marianne” (1st Nat. St. Vincent 9745 p.). Mother is 10-672 (sister of mother 1st and 25th Nat. Bordeaux) and comes from stock father “Don Michel” x “Perpignan Hen” (top racer and super breeder. She is a daughter of “Cock” (Cornelissen/ De Heijde/De Weerd) x “Sister Don Michel” out “Perpignan Doffer” x “Theelen Duif”).

18-193 (hen) won 2nd National Barcelona 4919 birds


15-986 “Barca 986” (cock) won 8th National Barcelona 4919 pigeons 2021 and 17th National Barcelona 4477 pigeons 2020 (25th International 12.315 b). His father is 05-541 a half brother of “Queen Tonnie” (1st Nat. Barcelona 13,066 p. For Frans Bungeneers) and comes out “Son Barcelonaduif” (out of “Broer Perpignan” x “Barcelonaduif” x 00-218  (mother “Queen Tonnie”, direct Luc and Hilde Sioen from 98-218 “Son Brecht” (from“Brecht” best Belgian Long Distance pigeon Remi Hoebrechts x “Briljantje”, daughter “Klamper” Cor de Heijde via Jan Hermans) x 98-219, the nest sister of 98-218).

15-986 “Barca 986” (cock) won 8th National Barcelona 4919 birds


19-476 “Zoon Kleine Blauwe” won the 17th National Dax 11.124 b. He is a new talent bred from “De Kleine Blauwe” (1st Nat.St. Vincent 15,918 p.) x “Granddaughter St. Vincent” (co-breeding with Mr. Uchiyama Japan from “Son Don Michel” (father of a.o. 24-44th Nat. Barcelona and 42nd Nat. Perpignan) x “Karin” 1st Nat. St Vincent 18,295 b for Kees Cluistra). “Klamper” descendants also performed very well in other lofts such as a.o. Etienne Meirlaen 10th Nat. Barcelona 2021 from a pigeon from Cor), Gebr.Van de Matten (39-84-283-304-463-996th Nat. Barcelona 2021 from 8 entries) and Jan Hooymans 31st Nat. Barcelona 2021 from “Son Don Michel”.

19-476 “Zoon Kleine Blauwe” won the 17th National Dax 11.124 birds.