Next middle distance race was from Creil a distance of 330 km to Nieuwendijk. Birds were liberated into a very stiff North East headwind and a tough race followed.

Club 307 birds….2nd,4th,8th,10th

Altenna & Raamsdonksveer 983 birds…6th,8th,19th,21st

Union de Baronie 4019 birds…31st,39th,69th,72nd

First bird was NL11-1867256 that scored 67th open last year from National NPO Orleans 10,473 birds and from Sezanne and Nivelles also as a young bird and is the same way bred as Creilman winner of 1st National NPO Creil two years ago against over 7000 birds and is bred from Storm Bird ( Drum x Marita) paired to Seven 11 (Zidane a brother of Kannibaal x Agent Starling the hen of our Young Couple).

Second bird was NL08-3857218 that was 96th National NPO Sens last week against 19,395 birds. He was a winner as a young bird of 1st Sezanne 1296 birds ,9th National NPO 18893 birds, and twice a 1st prize winner from Creil as a yearling. Last season he won 4th Morlincourt against 414 birds and 2nd Creil against 286 birds. He is bred from Outlaw (Son of Figo of Reynaert) x Kirsty (Dtr Drum x Gerrie).

Third bird was NL08-3857225 a four year old cock that has scored well this season and was also a winner last season of 1st club and 4th Combine Creil. He was also a top prize winner as a young bird of 1 x 1st and 3 x 2nd club and also a winner as a yearling. He is bred from “605” the son of Caliph (Reza of Marijke Vink x dtr Aviator) x Poppy (Dtr Kannibaal) Dam of “225” is Chanel the super racing hen.

Fourth bird was the super two year old hen NL10-3056738 winner of 2nd Creil against 1535 birds two weeks ago also taking 3rd Union de Baronie 6429 birds and 25th Brabant 2000 against 27,056 birds. She was 14th National NPO Orleans old birds last year against 6796 birds and 2nd club,4th Combine Pommeroeul against 6401 birds and 1st Club Sens 304 birds, 31st Combine 4809 birds as a young bird. She is bred from our top breeder ‘Hannibal’ a son of Kannibaal of Dirk Van Dyke paired to the ‘Genie’ hen (Drum x Gerrie). She has also bred two first prize winners last year in her first nest. She really is a star hen!!