*’Chico’ a son of Hannibal and probably his successor…We can verify over 50 x 1st prize winners from this great cock in the first and second generations when paired to different hens and for many different fanciers… Yesterday our winner was again bred from his bloodline!

Yesterday was the return to Criel for the next NPO race.  Once again we are very pleased to record an early one, and 15 prizes from 23 entries at National level (65%)

Our early bird was once again NL16-3627932 winning 1st club 248 birds, 1st Altena & Raamsdonksveer 846 birds, 5th Union de Baronie 2,012 birds and 38th National NPO 9,489 birds. This cock also won 85th National NPO Sens 9,193 birds last week and was a winner for us last season as a young bird from Quievrain 1st Altena & Raamsdonksveer 1,103 birds,9th Combine 2,976 birds.

He is bred from our very good breeder ‘Top Star’ (Young King x Chanel) paired with a daughter of ‘Blue Baron’ x ‘Britney’ (Chico x Astrid). If you take a good look at his pedigree you can easily see our breeding strategy…continuously crossing our very best performance pigeons together and adding new bloodlines on a regular basis to produce new winning lines.

Our first bird again this week… “Top Star” was also the grand sire to 6th National NPO Sens last week against 9,193 birds for Peter Admiraal.


Our second bird this week for 10th club 248 birds, 25th Altena & Raamsdonksveer 846 birds , 64th Union de Baronie 2,012 birds was  NL14-1168708 a multiple performing son of Max..

NL14-1168708 a winner of 39th Combine Quievrain against 4,270 birds in the first race of this season, 53rd Combine Morlincourt 4,947 birds in the fifth race of the season 54th Combine Criel 2,435 birds, 65th Combine Criel 2,012 birds plus also winner of 24th NPO St Just 5,838 birds and 83rd NPO Nanteuil 7,620 birds last season as a two year old. As a yearling he won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 14th Combine and 65th NPO against 9,912 birds ,1st Club,1st Fed,4th Combine and 16th NPO against 6.704 birds and 66th NPO Roye 14,164 birds plus 23rd Combine Quivrain 4,818 birds having also scored twice as a youngster.