*Max a son of Leo Heremans Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogje. He was the afther of our second and third arrivals from Criel last Sunday.

After a one day holdover the birds were away from Criel for the second middle distance race of the program. Although not performing to top form, the team are showing good signs of improvement.

Club 246 birds…6th,7th,14th,15th,16th,23rd

Altena & Raamsdonksveer 900 birds…12th,13th,32nd,33rd,56th

Union de Baronie 2,435 birds…24th,25th,54th,55th,57th,91st…

First bird was NL16-1663062 , a yearling cock gift bird from Jan Hooymans that was also our 1st bird last week winning 14th Combine against 3,001 birds.

NL16-1663062  Our 1st bird from Criel two weeks on the bounce winning 24th Combine 2,435 birds this week and 14th Combine 3,001 birds last week.


Our second bird was GB16V48638 another very consistent bird bred from Max a son of Leo heremans Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogje (New Dream Couple).

Our second bird was GB16V48638 winner of 25th Combine 2,435 birds and also a winner of 28th Combine Morlincourt 2,263 birds last season. He was bred from Max with Astrid a daughter of the FAVORIET COUPLE of Leo Heremans.


Our third bird was NL14-1168708 a multiple performing son of Max..

NL14-1168708 a winner of 39th Combine Quievrain against 4,270 birds in the first race of this season, 53rd Combine Morlincourt 4,947 birds in the fifth race of the season and now 54th Combine Criel 2,435 birds plus also winner of 24th NPO St Just 5,838 birds and 83rd NPO Nanteuil 7,620 birds last season as a two year old. As a yearling he won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 14th Combine and 65th NPO against 9,912 birds ,1st Club,1st Fed,4th Combine and 16th NPO against 6.704 birds and 66th NPO Roye 14,164 birds plus 23rd Combine Quivrain 4,818 birds having also scored twice as a youngster.


Our fourth bird was Checker Hen NL12-1737183 a previous prolific scorer being a granddaughter of our Young Couple…

This is our really good checker hen NL12-1737183 scoring for the first time this season. Last year she won 30th Combine Asse Zellik 3,098 birds and also scored earlier in the season from St.Quentin and was a previous first prize winner as a young bird, yearling and two year old including 1st Combine 2.041 birds (24th NPO 8.621 birds) ,11th Combine Morlincourt 3.865 birds , 29th Combine Roye 3,398 birds and 42nd Combine Morlincourt 2.156 birds.


Our fifth bird was NL16-3627916 a good winner for us as a young bird last year and bred in the purple…

Scoring for the first time this season after scoring well for us last season as a youngster including 24th Combine Morlincourt against 2,263 birds.


Our sixth bird was NL16-1663075 another gift bird from Jan Hooymans that also scored 15th Combine 3,001 birds last week from Criel…

NL16-1663075 Our 2nd bird last week from Criel winning 15th Combine against 3,001 birds.