Viewing this video last week about Michel Lossignol the Gouden Duif winner for Belgium 2020 reminded me of the two youngster we bought from his number one breeder ‘OLYMPIC LOSSIGNOL’ earlier in the summer. With the help of Darren May they were imported to North Wales and have been sitting in an aviary for a while maturing.
I searched them out and as very pleased indeed with the very quick progress they have made and the quality individuals they are becoming.
Both are small to medium sized and very muscular. The cock ‘Cyclone’ is a little ahead of his sister ‘Superbontje’ in the moult however both are soft and like silk in the feathering and will mature in plenty of time to reinforce our breeding loft for next season.


‘Cyclone’ and ‘t’Superbontje’ not only have the winning genes loaded on the fathers side but the mother is pretty much loaded to ‘capacity’ herself.


It was not the looks or feathering they were purchased for but their winning DNA. Take a look at their pedigrees and its easy to see DNA loading on every strand of the bloodline. Generations of Olympic Champions, National Aces and National winners.
They are essentially of Heremans Ceusters origin when they were at their peak in the Antwerp Union and subsequently went on to win at every level for many fanciers around the world. The Dutch Champion Willem de Bruijn was quick to see the potential and purchased a few round of youngsters to race himself direct from Leo Heremans main breeders. He did this for a few years and the survivors are the birds to beat at the middle distance in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands at the moment.
Every generation was raced and tested in South Holland one of the most competitive areas of Europe with massive birdage every week.
Many fanciers have become super successful with these ‘New Age’ Heremans Ceusters but non more so than Michel Lossignol and his right hand man Geert, and I thank them once again for allowing me select from his number one breeder.
Some breeding details for OLYMPIC LOSSIGNOL…
NL14-1060442 “DEN OLYMPIC” Direct Willem de Bruijn Stamvader Michel Lossignol
V : NL11-1742449 “Zoon Schanulleke”
G.V. : B05-6045548 “Fame” Heremans-Ceusters Komt uit “Kleinzoon Wonderaske” x “Kleindochter Kannibaal” Vader “Mysterie Lady” (Olympiadeduif fond Poznan 2011 Michel Vanlint)
G.M. : NL08-1543385 “Olympic Schanulleke” 1e Nat. Asduif dagfond NPO 2010 1e Olympiadeduif fond (3e van de wereld) Poznan 2011 Dochter superkoppel “Kleine Blauwe” (Heremans-Ceusters uit “Broer Rossi” x “Halfzus Wonderaske”) x “Ganieda” (uit “Vader Zeus” (zoon “Super Schalie”) x “Montargis Duivin”)
M : NL11-1742713 “Dochter Zidane”
G.V. : NL07-1821614 “Zidane” 2e Nat. Asduif vitesse/midfond TBOTB 2008, 2e Nat. Asduif jaarlingen TBOTB 2008, 6e Nat. Asduif vitesse NPO 2008, 2e Asduif jong Gouwe-IJssel 2007 Stamvader Willem de Bruijn
Zoon van “Olympic Zeus” (olympiadeduif Allround Liévin 2003 en 1e Beste Doffer WHZB) x “Favori” (Heremans-Ceusters uit “Vader Favori” (uit “Vader 604” x “Dochter Witneus” (Jan & Rik Hermans) x “Moeder Favori” (uit “De Olympiade” x “Wonderaske”)
G.M. : NL09-1201894 “Olympic Sharon” C. & M. Everling 1e Ned. Olympiadeduif jaarse Poznan 2011 (2e van de wereld) 1e Peronne 3257 d., 1e Creil 2366 d., 1e Creil 1245 d. Moeder “Olympic Froome”, 1e Ned. Olympiadeduif jaarse Nitra 2013 grootmoeder 1e Nat. Poitiers 13.134 d. (L&H Sioen)
Dochter van “Maximos” (100% Willem de Bruijn en ook vader 2e NPO Creil 10.371 d.) x “Alicia” (De Bruijn x Hasendonckx)
Sire of:
B19-2086451 “AURELIE”
10e Nat.Argenton 26.085 d.
47e Nat. Gueret 12.888 d. 1e Argenton 263 d. .
1e Gueret 65 d.
7e Sermaises 539 d.
7e Issoudun 166 d.
8e Etampes 218 d.
8e La Souterraine 159 d.
13e Sermaises 761 d.
13e Chateauroux 276 d.
B15-2102709 “Nationaaltje”
13e Nat. Argenton 4582 d.
66e Nat. Montlucon 10.753 d.
155e Nat. Bourges 10.173 d.
3e Momignies 195 d.
4e Sens 809 d.
7e Momignies 264 d.
14e Montlucon 3457 d
6e Nat. Argenton 4393 d.
21e Nat. Bourges 10.173 d.
17e Chateauroux 3386 d.
1e Montargis 594 d.
2e Vierzon 130 d.
2e Soissons 177 d.
6e Nanteuil 476 d.
8e Momignies 264 d.
2e Chevrain 3103 d.
2e Momignies 445 d.
2e Laon 114 d.
5e Melun 181 d.
1e Momignies 905 d.
2e Momignies 636 d.
Grandsire of:
B18-524 ,(Roger Bruninx, direct Lossignol-Kemerlinckx)
1e Nat. Chateauroux 24.611 jaarse 2019
122e Nat. Issoudun 18.176 d.
150e Nat. La Souterraine 15.939 d.
B17-2055961 “DE AS”
1e Soissons 1336 d.
1e Momignies 1017 d.
1e Soissons 998 d.
1e Momignies 221 d.
1e Melun 180 d.
1e Soissons 168 d.
1e Momignies 168 d.
1e Soissons 135 d.
7e Nat. Asduif kleine halve fond oude KBDB 2020
1e Asduif kleine halve fond jaarse verbond Oplinter-Drieslinter 2019
1e Chevrain 770 d.
1e Soissons 324 d.
1e Chevrain 170 d.
2e Sermaises 761 d.
2e Etampes 159 d.
3e Sermaies 657 d.
4e Sermaises 4858 d.
5e Sermaises 626 d.
5e Chevrain 294 d.
15e Etampes 2541 d.
19e Sermaises 2244 d.
26e Sermaises 4267 d.