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Danny Van Dyck ~ 1st Provincial, 2nd National Chateauroux 7,674 Yearlings

Pulle – The Kanon, Kogeltje and Den 11 are world famous pigeons. Their breeder Danny (Van Dyck) achieved world fame as a 1st, 4th and 5th Nat. Ace pigeon small middle distance youngsters, and their descendants are responsible for worldwide success. In recent years Danny has taken the necessary steps to race further distances, however, the best pigeons undoubtedly remained at the small middle distance.

In 2021 however Danny changed the target permanently: “I think these flights are more fun, there is more tension and more appreciation, and you get much more recognition if you race well. And also for the pigeons, it is a more prestigious achievement if they race early from national flights.”

And when Danny takes up a challenge…

Just ask “King Andre” when Danny competed for it, in 2016 and 2017 he was  two years in a row King of the Union Antwerp ahead of the almost invincible Andre Roodhooft!

Danny started the 2021 season with 16 hens and about 7 cocks, but already quickly selected a number of pigeons out of the team. For the final Chateauroux national race he entered 6 old birds and 5 yearlings of which 9 were hens.

The first full season racing from the Great Middle Distance saw Danny perform to a hogher level. Except for the opening race from Bourges that was average,the results thereafter  can speak for themselves:

6 June Chateauroux : 6-92-122-196th Nat. 24.617 Old Birds (7/9) and 14-59th Nat. 22.196 Yearlings (6/11)

19 June Argenton : 8-18-69-144th Nat. 14.787 Old Bird (6/9) en 30-362-432-516th Nat. 21.282 Yearlings (5/9)

28 June La Souterraine 55th Nat. 8.383 Old Birds (1/5) and no yearlings entered.

11 July Issoudun 26-183-240th Nat. 9.777 Old Birds (4/5) en 1088-1269-1384th Nat. 14.758 Yearlings (4/5)

18 July Chateauroux : 65th Nat. Chateauroux 7.099 Old Birds (1/3) and no yearlings entered.

31 July Bourges : 56-252-414-788th Nat. 8.410 Old Birds (5/6) and 630-699-868-907th Nat. 11.952 Yearlings (6/8)

7 August Chateauroux : 329-375-395-625th Nat. 5.140 oude (4/6) and 2nd Nat. 7.674 yearlings (2/5)

In other words, 81 pigeons (43 old birds and 38 yearlings) were basketed in total, winning 51 prizes, starting with 2-6-8-14-18th etc. National and 13 x top 100.

Danny : “At first it didn’t really go as I had hoped. The pigeons flew prizes enough but not early. I thought I’ll have to get a heating plate, screwed in place against the ceiling and on for 14 days. Then the form came, I was babysitting Bourges but made a super result from the middle distance races. After that, they were always there on the National flights.

At Chateauroux on July 18th I only had 3 old birds entered. My leave from work started that weekend and I decided to bring the pigeons to nest for Bourges and especially Chateauroux at the beginning of August, also the last weekend of my vacation.

After 3 days I gave the hens an egg, the system Willem de Bruijn that explained a few weeks back in “De Duif”.

Several hens improved, but not all of them. At Bourges, they sat on “fresh” eggs, and after returning home, I gave the main couples a small youngster on Monday night.The provincial Chateauroux winner however, did not get a small youngster.

I have a loft with 12 boxes, which I expanded to 14 with two wine boxes on the floor.

At the beginning of the year I had two hens more than nest boxes, and those two, including the Provincial winner, haven’t had a box all year.

It’s only the last month that they didn’t get a small youngster is my own fault, they weren’t part of the most important pigeons. It could just as well be that I hadn’t even basketed them at Chateauroux. Luckily I did, for the pigeons that had a young I don’t know what went wrong, prizes Per 10 but not what I expected.

I’m off now, tomorrow (Monday) it’s a work day again. In the morning I have to leave too early to be able to exercise the pigeons. With the old ones, their season is now largely over, although it may be that I send the Provincial winner and a single other pigeon with another small youngster to Argenton. It was a busy Sunday (last day of leave) and because also with the youngsters from the 1st round I already made a provisional selection and I already took out a few of them. The 2nd round will stay on the national flights with a few of the 1st round.

When the pigeons were on the nest, I together with my neighbour (Rik Hermans) have trained the pigeons by car about 4 times. Driving the birds to train them must still be done! However the last days before basketing, there was no more training, I let the pigeons exercise once a day, together with the young hens in the morning.  You can see that they pull the youngsters out of the sky, if I exercise the youngsters alone they fly better than the old ones.

Before Chateauroux I was at the fence talking to Rik and Jan, then Rik suddenly said they should be with us by now from the speed of Volkaerts. I had just sat down at the table and was on my mobile phone watching the reports of arrivals when suddenly a pigeon landed and was on the roof.

For a moment there was the possibility of a first National but when the pigeon was recorded, she was 2nd National Yearlings and the 3rd fastest total liberation.  Happily it is my 1st Provincial and Zonal victory!

It is a fine hen, of average size and well muscled. She won this year per ten in the speed flights, and took her prizes in the middle and greater middle distance races, but nothing special until now. As a youngster she won a.o. 12th Fay-aux-Loges 2.805 pigeons.

Her father comes from “Kanon” x “Zus Minerva” (Rik Hermans). A full brother of a.o.

“Blauwe As” (2x 1st Ace Pigeon Union Antwerp). Dam is 16-244, 1st Ace Pigeon Union

East Young 2016 with a.o. 1st Melun 735 pigeons. That’s a daughter of “The Gekwetste” (from “Zoon Di Caprio” x stock dam “Blauwke”) paired with 14-700, bred together from “Kanon” x “Isis” of Rik Hermans (4x top 100 National and mother “Isa” (1st ace pigeon Youngters and Yearlings KFC) and “Max” (8th National ace pigeon), together good for 10x top 100 National prizes).”

Translation by Witpen.