NL10-3056734 a son of Drum and Little Star that is now owned by the German Champions Horst and Frank Sander..
Dave Storr & Grandson Jack from Brotton has ‘Joint Venture’ a young cock that is the best YB in the East Cleveland Federation. He is from a son of Mick & Neil Harveys MNFC  Bordeaux winner when she was paired to NL10-3056734 a cock that we lent them (Son of Drum x Dtr Di Caprio) that we later sold on Pipa last Autumn. The dam of  of ‘Joint Venture’ is a hen that Dave had of Lou Wouters lines from S Arkless.
Here is the pigeons results:-
‘Joint Venture’ ~ NEHU2012Z1542

This Cock Has Only Had 7 Races
Maidstone 234 miles
1st club 255 birds
1st Loftus breeder/buyer winning £3500
1st Loftus c/c 1st £100 nomination
1st East Cleveland Fed Pools £1 £2 £5
35th UNC 14.153 birds

Rivenhall 197 miles
1st club 283 birds
10th Section 3206 birds

Peterboro 141 Miles
1st club 286 birds
16th Section 3595 birds

Bubwith 1     52 miles
7th 2116 birds

Bubwith 2     52 miles
25th 3000 birds

Best young bird Brotton HS

Best young bird East Cleveland Federation against 144 Members