Just read a very nice article reporting Mr David Paine of St Neots winning the NC section 38th open of the BICC young bird race from Guernsey on 19th August . David timed a cock bred from the hen GB22Z16145 which is a Lambrecht cross Syndicate Lofts that won the 1st NC Section in both young bird BICC races last year.  She was paired to a cock that was 11th open, 3rd section BICC last year as a yearling. It is bred the way as David’s MNFC winner.

Last season we had a message from Mr Ray Roberts reporting the results of GB21V38159 that he purchased as Lot 23 in our Blackpool Auction in January 2022.

This Blue Cock GB21V38159 was bred from Little Big Man and Ariel and was sent on loan to Ray’s friend David Paine who paired him to a James Parker hen to breed GB22Z16145 the winner of 1st NC Section in the BICC Young Bird National in both Guernsey 1 and Guernsey 2 races.

This is the same hen that has now bred Mr Paines 1st NC Section BICC young bird race 2023 from Guernsey the same race point .


GB21V38159 sire of GB22Z16145 2 x 1st NC Section BICC Young Birds Guernsey 1 & 2 in 2022 that were also very different races indeed with winning velocities of 1683 ypm and then 1042 ypm, so a very versatile pigeon indeed and now she in turn bred 1st NC Section BICC Guernsey Young Birds 2023.


GB21V38159 pedigree simply full of National top performers all crossed together to breed more top National performers!


Once again congratulations to all involved …