This superb blue hen is ANNIKA bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen from SPIDEY. In a very short space of time these bloodlines have performed exceptionally well from  multiple distances. They also breed a type that are perfect for One Loft races where fast maturing youngsters are required and also National and Classic races…  


Late last season very late in August we paired HERMES a recent recruit from Rik Hermans bred from his Bourges National winner NIKE to ANNIKA another recent addition to our breeding loft bred by Luc and Hilde Sioen from their super breeder SPIDEY.

This was an experimental pairing to see what type we would be able to breed from two fantastic young pigeons with superb winning DNA. The results was a nest pair of perfect quailty both with really strong muscular small to medium sized bodies that are perfect for allround classic and National racing.

The hen a tight bodied blue white flight I gifted to me ‘mukka’ Dean Cartmell from Worcester. Altough she was very late she matured well enough for Dean to couple her to a  cock from Stuart Wilcox off his No 1 cock Albi (Albert Derwa) when paired to Basra (G+S Verkerk) and bred 2023 babies to race this season.

We are very pleased indeed to hear from Dean to report winning 1st Watchfield & The Vale HS breeder buyer from Yelverton yesterday winning a total of £1000 as the breeder and racer of his young blue cock.

Very well done indeed. Great bloodlines raced by a great fancier.

GB22V51752 daughter of HERMES x ANNIKA and in her first nest dam of 1st Watchfield and The Vale HS breeder buyer Yelverton 2023 for Dean Cartmell winning £1000.


This quite outstanding young cock has just arrived from the Golden 10 for our breeding loft.
I must once again thank Rik Hermans for his selection skills, he is getting good !!, and we have to rename him ‘Hermes’…
Apart from his top quality shape, muscle structure, handling and silky feathers, his bloodline is quite fantastic in every thread of his pedigree. The best of the very best tested at the highest level.