I attended the Golden 10 auction in Asten on the weekend and couldn’t resist this young late bred hen.

Although a baby with ten nest flights, she is total quality in the hand and feather and has a pedigree with results and bloodlines that will fit completely with our breeding plans for the new season.

Bred from a multiple performing father when he was coupled with a daughter of two National winners paired together all from over 600 miles.

We will probably couple her with our good Caliph cock next spring.

She is a daughter of  “DE FAVORIET” 1st Super Gouden Crack Fondclub Zuid Nederland 2010-2012, 7th National Asduif Grote Fond NPO 2010, 1st Provincial Dax 2543 b. / 4th National 11,753 b… 33rd National Cahors 13,185 b… 52nd National St. Vincent 11,992 b… 65th National St. Vincent…81st National Bordeaux 13,242 d. etc.

On the mothers side she is from “De Bordeaux” 1st National Bordeaux ’12 4509 b. (3rd International 10,717 b.) and 1st Provincial Bordeaux ’11 561 b. (25th National 4084 b.) coupled with NL10-3017970 “Cahors Duivin” 1st NPO Cahors 4939 d… 6th National Narbonne 4303 b  etc.

‘De Bordeaux’ was bred from a full brother of Jan Hooymans ‘Harry’ a double National winning cock himself.