These are the 15 lots we will have for sale by auction on Saturday 13th November 2021 at the :

The Grandstand’

Ledger Way,

Doncaster DN2.

Auction will be conducted by Mr Stuart Wilcox who will be more than happy to place commission bids if required.  Tel: 07715 166066.


Lot 1.Blue Hen GB21V38434

Inbred to the NIEUWE ROSSI x EENOOGSKE (The New Dream Pair) with THE FAVOTIET KOPPEL and DI CAPRIO all in one pedigree. 

Sire of Lot 1 is PRINCE LEO is a son of the Ultra Successful MAX a son of NIEUWE ROSSI and EENOOGSKE alias the NEW DREAM COUPLE of Leo Heremans…Dam of PRINCE LEO is ASTRID a daughter of the Leo Heremans super couple THE FAVORIET KOPPEL.

Dam of Lot 1 is SHINING STAR a daughter of BRAVE nest brother of MAX and another super breeder of many top birds for us when he was paired to LITTLE STAR our supreme breeding daughter of DI CAPRIO. One of the greatest breeding hens we have ever owned.


Lot 2.Blue Checker w/f Cock GB21V38323.

This is a super quality son of PROPERE RIK one of our principle breeders.Inbred to the World Famous KANNIBAAL of Dirk Van Dyck.

Sire of Lot 2 is PROPERE RIK our brilliant basic breeding cock bred by Jan and Rik Hermans from the PROPERE a grandson of the JAARLING DONDERSTEEN (Grandson Kannibaal Van Dyke) X JANSSEN DUIVIN (Direct Janssen A). Dam of PROPER RIK is KLEINE MARTINE a daughter of Eddy Janssens DARCO when paired to MARTINE winner of 1st Dourdan 1,004b.

Dam of Lot 2 is PIXIE a daughter of HANNIBAAL one of our original top breeding direct chidren of KANNIBAAL of Dirk Van Dyck. Dam of PIXIE is STARDUST another top breeding daughter of DI CAPRIO paired to the famous DOCHTER KANNIBAAL 005 of Dirk van Dyck.


Lot 3. Blue Ch Cock GB21V38385

A top class son of SOLOMON (Direct son Jerson of Koopman).Very inbred to KLEINE DIRK.

Sire of Lot 3 is SOLOMON bred by Gerard Koopman from JERSON winner of:*1st Olympiad Ace Fond, Sloveakia,*1st Ace Duif  Afdeling 10 Overall 2012, 2nd NPO Orleans 3480 birds,6th NPO Pithiviers 6452 birds,15th NPO Troyes 8079 birds,28th NPO Pithiviers  7749 birds,56th NPO Orleans 4374 birds,86th NPO Troyes 4087 birds,9th Boxtel 9392 birds,10th Boxtel 10,698 birds,11th Quievrain 6223 birds Dam of SOLOMON is MISS MARAKOT winner of 1st Ravenstein 11,509 birds.She is bred from GOLDEN DIRK (Kleine Dirk x Golden Lady) paired with ZENDA a full sister of DRUM.

Dam of Lot 3 is NINTY a daughter of ATTILA one of the fantastic original breeding children of KANNIBAAL of Dirk Van Dyck that we owned and he was sire of *1st UK,6th  Final Race SCMDPR 2006 & US$25,000 when he was paired to GENIE our best ever breeding daughter of DRUM X GERRIE.


Lot 4. Ch Pd Cock GB21V38071.  INBRED GRANDSON OF DRUM.

Sire of Lot 4 is WITPEN DRUM an ACE breeding son of DRUM paired to LITTLE STAR (Di Caprio x Daughter.Kannibaal 005).

Dam of Lot 4 is KASHMIR a daughter of WAR DRUM sire of 14 x 1st Federations with MATA HARI bred from our old basic breeder OUTLAW the son of Reynaerts FIGO 1st National Bourges 12,266b and her dam is ZELDA the last daughter of our YOUNG COUPLE.


Lot 5. Pencil Blue w/f cock NL21-2118907. What a stunning looking cock! He is loaded with the very best of the famous breeders at Ganus Family Loft.

Sire of Lot 5 is INCREDIBLE bred by Mike Ganus from the unique breeding cock SUN CITY sire of two 1st prize winners for fanciers from two different Continents. He bred RUBBELLOS 1st SAMDPR 2012 winning $150,000 and also sire of LAURA IS A BIG WINNER TODAY winner of 1st SAMDPR 2016 by 15 minutes clear and 1st Country Challenge winning $175,000. Dam of INCREDIBLE is a daughter of SAID IN SPUN SILVER and UNTAMED DESSERT winners of 1st and 2nd SAMDPR 2013 when they both dropped together.

Dam of Lot 5 is GOLDEN GIRL bred from WOLVERINE sire of over $1,000,000 in prize winners when he was paired to SILVER DELIGHT inbred to the wonder breeding hen ABAGAIL. She is a daughter of MOKOLO (SAID IN SPUN SILVER x ABAGAIL) Dam of SILVER DELIGHT is ABAGAIL(ROCKET x MONA LISA).


Lot 6 Blue Hen NL21-1275231 A full sister to our 2nd club Quivrain 477 birds, 4th Combine 3318 birds and 32nd Combine Biergies 3613 birds this season

Sire of Lot 6 is FIGHTER a son of our top breeder MAX when he was paired to WILLOW (HANNIBAAL x HALF SISTER COWGIRL  Rik Hermans)

Dam of Lot 6 is ‘BARON LADY’ Bred by Jan Hooymans from BARON HARRY 1st NPO BOURGES 4814 birds paired to a daughter of HARRY.


Lot 7. Blue Cock GB21V38088

Bred from ALONSO a son of the SAFIER COUPLE of Leo Heremans and a daughter of the OUDE ASDUIF of Johan Donckers. Nothing better or closer is available anywhere from these original bloodlines.

Sire of Lot 7 is ALONSO bred by Leo Heremans direct from The SAFIER PAIR. A daughter of ALONSO bred Chris Templar’s 1st Open B.I.C.C. National from Truro 2021 against 5479 birds. Another daughter of ALONSO bred the dam of Rafferty and Towmans 1st NIPA Young Bird National from Talbenny 2616 birds in 2020.

Dam of Lot 7 is MANON Bred by Johan Donckers from his Oude Asduif winner of 5th National ASDUIF KBDB and *1st Quievrain 1658 b *1st Noyon 1183 b*1st Noyon 509 b*1st Noyon 363 b*1st Quievrain 272 b *1st Quievrain 250 b*1st Quievrain 237 b*1st Quievrain 228 b*1st Quievrain 183 b *1st Quievrain 179 b*1st Quievrain 168b.


Lot 8. Dark Ch.Hen GB21V38013  KING KANON,PROPERE  RIK, GENIE (DRUM x GERRIE)Proven winning DNA everywhere on her pedigree.

Sire of Lot 8 is KING KANON bred by Danny Van Dyck from his famous KANON when he was paired to a sister of PROPERE RIK.

Dam of Lot 8 is PROPERE GENIE a daughter of PROPERE RIK one of our best breeders of the last ten years when he was coupled to GENIE without any doubt the best breeding daughter of DRUM and GERRIE.



Lot 9 Blue Pied Cock GB21V38064                                                                                                  

This is another good handful of a cock with a pedigree of National Aces, Olympiade winners and some legendry breeders all loaded onto one pedigree.

Sire of Lot 9 is MAJOR TOM the same way bred as the father of FOXY LADY so a direct son of GRANGER the super breeding son of ROCKET when he was coupled with MARY KATE  a daughter of CASANOVA 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance WHZB 2005 when he was coupled to a daughter of TOPO winner of 1st Dutch National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 1995

Dam of Lot 9 is INDIGO bred from PROPERE 10 the son of Rik Hermans Basic Breeders PROPERE x ATHENA. Dam of INDIGO is JEAN GENIE a daughter of SKYFALL bred by Jan Hooymans from JAMES BOND the super breeding son of HARRY. Dam of JEAN GENIE is GENIE the best ever breeding daughter of DRUM x GERRIE the famous breeding couple.


Lot 10. Blue Cock GB21V38001. 100% pure performance bloodlines from the very best of Rik Hermans.

Sire of Lot 10 is ALGOAR a direct son of JONGE SAMSON *53rd Nat.Bourges 9.021 b *69th Nat.Argenton 5.043 b*73rd Nat. Argenton 5.206 b *97th Zone Argenton 3.785 b *1st Montlucon 377 b*1st Bourges 512 b Dam of ALGOAR is ZUSTER BEAUTIFLY a top breeding sister of BEAUTIFLY winner of:*8th Nat.Argenton 25.583 b *22nd Nat.Argenton 21.095 b *25th Nat.Bourges 22.476 b.

Dam of Lot 10 is DAUGHTER CHARLENE bred from PROPERE WITTENTIK a son of the super pair PROPERE x KLEINE MARTINE when he was paired to CHARLENE winner of: *3rd Belgian Asduif Fond Europacup 2011*1st Asduif Oude KFC 2011*5th Nat.Argenton 11.001 b *6th Nat.Chateauroux 22.718 b *27th Nat.Argenton 4.782 b *121st Nat.Montlucon 17.865 b *154th Nat.La Chatres 15.780 b *259th Nat.Chateauroux 20.517b


Lot 11. Blue Ch.Hen GB21V38023.From a Son of WAR DRUM with a daughter FOXY LADY!

Sire of Lot 11 is SOLO a son of WAR DRUM sire of 14 x 1st Federations paired with STELLA (DRUM X GERRIE) Dam of:*1st Fontenay 480 b,16th Nat.NPO 7,068 b*1st St Just 155 b, 24th Nat.NPO 5,838 b*2nd Quievrain 350 b,24th Combine 4,994 b*1st Creil 181 birds,58th Nat.NPO 10,127 b*4th Roye 216 b,59th Nat.NPO 15,577 b, 3rd Nanteuil b, 85th Nat.NPO 7,620 b, *4th St Quentin  438 b,81st Combine 3,788 b, 16th Roye 3,479 birds.

Dam of Lot 11 is MUSTANG SALLY a daughter of BANDIT (Outlaw x Rowen) paired to his own granddaughter FOXY LADY *1st Section 897b, 2nd Open MNFC Countances 8,984b *1st Section 745b, 2nd Open MNFC Ancensis 5,612b ,*1st Section 1,125b, 3rd Open MNFC Fourgeres 8,359b.


Lot 12. Blue Ch.Pied Hen GB21V38408 The best of the best crossed together.

Sire of Lot 12 ia WAR PAINT a son of WAR DRUM sire of 14 x 1st Federations paired to LITTLE STAR a daughter of DI CAPRIO x DOCHTER KANNIBAAL 005 and one of our best ever breeding hens.

Dam of Lot 12 is MADAM BUTTERFLY a daughter of PROPERE RIK when paired to SISTER BLUE BARON 700.


Lot 13. Blue Pied Hen GB21V38021. A daughter of 1st Welsh South East National and 1st Combine 6240 birds!

Sire of Lot 13 is PETERS PIED winner of 1st Welsh South East National against 3,033 birds and 1st Welsh South East Combine against 6,240 birds as a yearling! His sire is COW MAN bred from DESPERADO bred by Rik Hermans a son of Marcel Wouters DE LEEUW coupled with ZUS EL TEIJDE the mother of their famous COW GIRL. Mother of  PETERS PIED is PERFECTION a daughter of ALGOAR bred by Rik Hermans from JONGE SAMSON coupled with ZUSTER BEAUTIFLY. Mother of PERFECTION is IMOGEN a daughter of our top breeder HANNIBAL coupled with LITTLE STAR (Daughter Di Caprio).

Dam of Lot 13 is HOLLY a daughter of WAR DRUM sire of 14 x 1st Federations paired to RHIANNON our brilliant breeding daughter of FULL SET x PINK EYES.

Lot 14. Blue w/f Hen GB21V38057    

WITPEN MIKE (Strain Maker x Abagail) x TRINITY (Daughter GRANGER).

Sire: WITPEN MIKE bred by Mike Ganus from STRAIN MAKER Sire of ‘SAID IN SPUN SILVER’ with ABAGAIL Mike’s current best breeding hen and she is a daughter of the Famous ROCKET coupled with MONA LISA Mike’s Number One breeding hen EVER!

Dam of Lot 14 is TRINITY a daughter of GRANGER one of our foundation breeding cocks son of ROCKET .Dam of TRINITY is SISTER BLUE BARON 700 original MATTENS and SISSI blood.


Lot 15. Blue Ch.Hen GB21V38100.MURPY’S LAW of Willem de Bruijn, some of the most sought after (and expensive) bloodlines on the Continent today! 

Sire of Lot 15 is PRINCE LEO is a son of the Ultra Successful MAX a son of NIEUWE ROSSI and EENOOGSKE alias the NEW DREAM COUPLE of Leo Heremans…Dam of PRINCE LEO is ASTRID a daughter of the Leo Heremans super coupleTHE FAVORIET KOPPEL.

Dam of Lot 15 is MAGGY MURPHY bred by Willem de Bruijn from MURPHY’S LAW winner of:*1st National Asduif FCI De Allerbeste *4th National Asduif Midfond NPO *1st Pointoise 9.705 b,(1st Overall 26.648 b)*3rd Fontenay 11.526 b*4th Peronne 2.211 b*6th Pt.St.Max 2.573 b*7th Asse Zelik 2.278 b*8th Pt.St.Max 2.468 b*9th Duffel  4.063 b*10th Sezanne 4.719 b*11th Duffel 1.753 b*11th Quievrain 1.538 b*11th Peronne 1.015 b*14th Peronne 2.495 b*16th Melun 4.511 b*18th Peronne 2.946 b*25th Duffel 4.098 b. All as a young bird & yearling!