We have our annual auction at the Old Comrades Show in Doncaster on Saturday 14th November.

The Auction is organised by De Duif and the auctioneer is Mr Stuart Wilcox who will be able to organise any commission bids required and his telephone number is 07468 620661 or email [email protected]

Sex of youngsters believed correct but not guaranteed.

Viewing 12.15pm  ~ Sale Starts 13.15pm

Lot 1. Pencil Blue Cock GB14V39993 .This is a real stunner to start this auction. Direct from our good breeding cock OUTLAW and he is PURE QUALITY!! This is the last cock we will offer from Outlaw as he has proven to be infertile this year. We may be lucky with him next season, but that is just a hope(We will offer one hen from Outlaw in Blackpool)

Lot 1 GB14V39993

Lot 1 Ped

Lot 2.Pencil Pied Hen GB15E32937 ‘Double Outlaw’. This beautiful hen is from a half brother half sister pairing both from OUTLAW.

Lot 2 GB15E32937

Lot 2 Ped

Lot 3. Blue Cock GB15E32806 De Jan-Euro-Nieuwe Rossi-Eenoogske no better Leo Heremans bloodlines available!

Lot 3 GB15E32806

Lot 3 Ped

Lot 4.Blue Hen GB15E32707 A daughter of MARIO our good breeding son of DI CAPRIO with a daughter of the famous SAFIER PAIR

Lot 4 GB15E32707Lot 4 Ped

Lot 5.Blue Checker Hen GB15E32811 Absolute TOP CLASS granddaughter of NEW DREAM PAIR and DI CAPRIO

Lot 5 GB15E32811Lot 5 Ped

Lot 6.Blue Checker Hen GB15E32901.Again NIEUWE ROSSI and EENOOG with DI CAPRIO nothing closer is available to the main Leo Heremans famous breeders!

Lot 6 GB15E32901Lot 6 Ped

Lot 7.Blue Hen GB15E32771. Just take a closer look at this very special hen retained especially for this auction. Try to handle her if you get a chance. She is of a different class. Now take a look at her breeding PROPERE, ATHENA, DI CAPRIO,KANNIBAAL!!

Lot 7 GB15E32771Lot 7 Ped

Lot 8. Blue Hen. NL14-1168670 bred direct from SUPER 8 our Top Breeder from the original Mattens and Sissi lines

Lot 8 NL15-1810670Lot 8 Ped

Lot 9. Blue Hen GB15E32604 Here is a direct daughter of JOHANNESBURG

Lot 9 GB15E32604Lot 9 Ped

Lot 10. Blue Checker Hen GB15E32772 The next two are a nest couple of the highest quality we can offer based on our HANNIBAL line crossed with another Rik Hermans Multiple Performance bird. Handle these two if you can, they are absolutely STUNNING!

Lot 10 GB15E32772Lot 10 Ped

Lot 11 Pencil Blue Cock  GB15E32773 Nest mate to Lot 10.

Lot 11 GB15E32773Lot 11 Ped

Lot 12.Grizzle Cock  GB15E32796. These next two are from the bloodline of BLUE VIAGRA the Super Long Distance racing cock and LUCKY LUKE of Dirk Leekens..(Now Bosmans-Leekens)

Lot 12 GB15E32796Lot 12 Ped

Lot 13. Grizzle Hen GB15E32924  A full sister to Lot 12.

Lot 13 GB15E32924Lot 13 Ped

Lot 14. Blue Pied Cock GB15E32706 This is a grandson of two SUPERS…HANNIBAL and BLUE VIAGRA

Lot 14 GB15E32706Lot 14 Ped

Lot 15. Blue Cock GB15E32917 A grandson of JAMES BOND (Jan Hooymans), DUTCH MASTER and AGENT STARLING!

Lot 15 GB15E32917Lot 15 Ped

Lot 16. Pencil Blue Cock GB14V39998.This is a magnificent double grandson of ‘THE YOUNG COUPLE

Lot 16 GB14V39998Lot 16 Ped

Lot 17.Blue Checker Cock GB15E32876 A son of MELISSA our top racing hen!

Lot 17 GB15E32876Lot 17 Ped

Lot 18. Blue Checker Cock GB15E32715 A grandson of KANON of Danny Van Dyke and ATTILA

Lot 18 GB15E32715Lot 18 Ped

Lot 19. Blue Pied Hen GB15E32836.Another example of our search for winning bloodlines to improve our squad. This time a daughter of the Rik Hermans new top breeding couple GENOPTE LEEUW x ZUS EL TEIJDE coupled with a daughter of THE YOUNG COUPLE.

Lot 19 GB15E32836Lot 19 Ped

Lot 20 Blue Cock GB15E32858.This lot is a Big Powerful grandson of COW GIRL when crossed with the best winning bloodlines we have. You may have to read the description a few times to appreciate the results and breeding. Winning genes and even more winning genes

Lot 20 GB15E32858

Lot 20 Ped

Lot 21. Blue Checker Pied Hen GB15E32878. A daughter of PROPERE RIK coupled with a daughter of DRUM x GERRIE


“We tried to buy PROPERE RIK as a baby from Jan Hermans as he just stood out like a shining star,oozing quality. Jan Hermans would not sell him at that time as he wanted to retain him for his own breeding loft that he shares with Meil Van den Branden. However after much persistence, arm twisting, and generally making a nuisance of myself, I managed to obtain him for our own breeding loft in late 2012. This was only on the basis of our long friendship and an agreement that he must go back to Jan if I ever have a change of plan, because the Kleine Martien is now finished and it is also touch and go with Propere., Jan simply wants to retain every son from Propere and Kleine Martien to pair to the growing list of Champion racing hens that his son Rik is producing. Straight away Propere Rik bred top quality. The winning reports from his offspring is quite remarkable after just two short breeding seasons witha number of reports of winners and multi performers .For example the top flying partnership Phil and Neil Bates (Chip Shop Boys) from Bagillt bought a daughter of Propere Rik at our 2014 Blackpool auction and coupled him with a son of Bronco bought from the same auction and in the first season bred the winner of 1st North Section Welsh South East National Maidstone and this season a yearling full brother wins 3 firsts!  This is the kind of bloodline we are always looking for to fortify our existing gene pool.”Lot 21 GB15E32878Lot 21 Ped

Lot 22. Blue Cock GB15E32935 Bred from the magnificent Johan Donckers ASDUIF bloodline with a direct daughter of the famous SAFIER COUPLE of Leo Heremans. Lot 22 is the same way bred as Ray Knight and Families 3rd Open N.R.C.C.  Berwick this year

Lot 22 GB15E32935

Lot 22 Ped

Lot 23 Blue Cock GB15E32881. Heremans Ceusters Di CAPRIO with Johan Donckers ASDUIF bred to WIN

Lot 23 GB15E32881Lot 23 Ped

Lot 24 Blue Hen GB15E32882 Nest mate to Lot 23

Lot 24 GB15E32882Lot 24 Ped

Lot 25. Blue Cock GB15E32845 Again from the very best of Johan Donckers ASDUIF FAMILY with our super ATTILA Bloodline

Lot 25 GB15E32845

Lot 25 Ped

Lot 26 Blue Hen GB15E32927. DRUM with De POWER of Leo Heremans and ASDUIF of Johan Donckers

Lot 26-a

Lot 26 Ped

Lot 27 Blue Checker Cock GB15E32928. Nest mate to Lot 26.

Lot 27 GB15E32928

Lot 27 Ped

Lot 28. Blue Cock GB15S98117. This is a late bred from MARIO and SUNDAY GIRL. This young cock has everything..A really strong muscular body..Nice soft feathers..Beautiful to look at and a pedigree that is the best of the best in todays Pigeon Sport!

It is worth noting that a Full Brother To Sunday Girl Is the Father of Rik Hermans incredible Hen ‘FRIENDSHIP’ The winner Of 1st National Chateauroux 2015 against 26,000 birds and 1st overall from more than 44,000 birds!!

Lot 28 GB15S98117Lot 28 Ped

Lot 29 Blue Checker Cock GB15E32812. As close to the tree of  tried and tested winning genes as we can offer.

Lot 29 GB15E32812Lot 29 Ped

Lot 30 Blue Checker Hen GB15E32813 The nest mate to Lot 29.

Lot 30 GB15E32813

Lot 30 Ped

Lot 31. Blue Cock GB15E32760 A top quality son of JUNIOR with ADELE our super young racer and breeder.

Lot 31 GB15E32760Lot 31 Ped

Lot 32. Blue Checker Cock GB15E32818 A grandson of Drum AMIGO and GENIE

Lot 32 GB15E32818Lot 32 Ped

Lot 33.Blue Checker Cock GB15E32825 The famous ULTRA KOPPEL of Co and Piet Verbree crossed with DRUM

Lot 33 GB15E32825Lot 33 Ped

Lot 34. Blue Checker Cock GB14V39694 this is a really nice quality cock direct from our famous HANNIBAL when coupled to CLEOPATRA

Lot 34 GB14V39694Lot 34 Ped

Lot 35.Blue Hen GB15E32783 A granddaughter of JAMES BOND (Jan Hooymans) ,AMIGO and GENIE

Lot 35 GB15E32783

Lot 35 Ped

Lot 36.Blue Cock GB15E32789. A really beautiful son of PROPERE RIK

Lot 36 GB15E32789Lot 36 Ped

The following 6 lots we have included are from our extra longer distance lines and are all August hatched late breds that were in our reserve young bird team.  They have been flown out throughout the autumn and have developed into beautiful types with small muscular bodies and really soft feathering. We are breeding around the famous ‘Klamper’ bloodline of Cor de Heijde crossing with the best 600 and 700 mile bloodlines that are currently available.

Lot 37.Blue Checker Hen GB15E32933  Bred from a son of FAVORIET of Cor de Heijde the prototype modern long distance racer. Just check out his results below all from over 600 miles… considered by many as the best long distance pigeon of his generation. His bloodline is mostly the famous KLAMPER and his grandmother is DIRKJE the mother of the Dutch One Day Long Distance Ace Pigeon ‘HARRY’ of Jan Hooymans

Lot 37 GB15E32933

Lot 37 Ped

Lot 38. Blue Checker Hen GB15S98069 This is from a son of DE BORDEAUX of Cor de Heijde a pigeon bred in the purple to be a fast maturing long distance National winner

Lot 38 GB15S98069Lot 38 Ped

Lot 39.Blue Cock GB15E32886 From generations of super 600 – 700 mile racers

Lot 39 GB15E32886

Lot 39 Ped

Lot 40. Blue Checker W/F Cock GB15E32824.This cock is bred from WAALRE and WITPEN 100. In the last few seasons grandchildren of WAALRE won for Phil Bates and Son won 1st Welsh S.E.National Lillers and Eric Higginbottom won 1st Section K and 10th Open in the NFC Falaise Young Bird National that was considered by many as an extraordinary performance flying over 300 miles. WAALRE is the result of a unique pairing arranged by Jan Hermans of two Champion Long Distance racers before they were exported to the Far East …DE JEU 1st National MONTAUBAN against 34.827 birds from over 600 miles as a yearling coupled with SIMPLY THE BEST 1st National St Vincent against 27.516 birds from 675 miles as a two year old!! Mother of Lot 40 is Witpen 100 a product of generations of marathon long distance performers on all lines of her pedigree. You may need to read this Lot a few times to appreciate the performances

Lot 40 GB15E32824

Lot 40 Ped

Lot 41. Checker W/F Hen GB15S98127 Another top quality long distance bloodline hen…she is from SUPER KLAMPER with INBRED DIEGO HEN.~All lines of her pedigree are loaded with Marathon performers at the very highest level

Lot 41 GB15E98127

Lot 41 Ped

Lot 42.Red Checker Cock GB15E32922 This is the last lot on offer from our longer distance bloodlines a July hatched young cock and he is from VALE THEELEN the original Dutch Long Distance legendry bloodlines…Just handle this late bred cock to see how the quality is just as good as ever after many generations..

Lot 42 GB15E32922

Lot 42 Ped

Lot 43. Blue Checker Cock GB15E32807.A stunning young cock direct from GENIE our super breeding hen. This year once again she is responsible for some super performers including breeding the dam of Gary Inkleys 2nd NFC Saintes

Lot 43 GB15E32807

Lot 43 Ped

Lot 44.Blue Cock GB15E32904 .This young cock simply needs handling…he is out of this world!!

Lot 44 GB15E32904

Lot 44 Ped

Lot 45. Blue Hen GB15E32908. For the Heremans Ceusters fans here are two bred in the purple from a son of NEW DREAM COUPLE with a daughter of Di CAPRIO

Lot 45 GB15E32908Lot 45 Ped

Lot 46. Blue Cock GB15E32909. The nest mate to Lot 45.

Lot 46 GB15E32909

Lot 46 Ped

Lot 47. Dark Checker Hen GB15E32817 ‘This is a full brother to ‘Foxy Jen’ bred by Syndicate Lofts and raced by Geoffrey Douglas, Lurgan. She is the winner of *1st Club, Roscarberry, 2nd Section E, 2nd Open NIPA Inland National 6,212 birds *1st Club Skibbereen, 49th Open Irish National Flying Club 4,293 birds *1st Club Roscarberry, 2nd Section E 1370 birds, 18th Open NIPA Inland National 5,669 birds *1st Club Mallow, 4th Section E 2239 birds, 18th Open N.I.P.A. 8,872 birds. This was a stiff race with her velocity 1198 y.p.m. Her first youngster won 1st club, 2nd Section 4294 birds…16th Open NIPA Tullamore 18.683 birds. Another son of ASPEN when paired to Drum bred the mother of *1st Irish N.F.C. Skibbereen Young Bird National 2014 against 3,075 birds for Dennis Irvine, Derriaghy

Lot 47 GB15E32817

Lot 47 Ped

Lot 48.Blue Hen GB15E32675. Direct from son of SAFIER COUPLE with a direct daughter of THE FAVORIET KOPPEL. Leo Heremans very best!

Lot 48 GB15E32675

Lot 48 Ped

Lot 49.Blue Checker Cock GB15E32865. The nest mate to Lot 48.

Lot 49 GB15E32865Lot 49 Ped

Lot 50.Blue Checker Hen GB15E32837 Here is something VERY VERY SPECIAL that cannot fail to impress in every way. She is bred from todays most sought after middle distance classic winning bloodlines of the PIGEON SPORT. She is just perfect in the hand with a strong muscular medium sized body and anyone that has ever handled Danny Van Dykes KANON would agree she could be his twin sister!

Lot 50 GB15E32837Lot 50 Ped

Lot 51. Blue Hen NL15-1810864.This hen is the result of a combination breeding between our Young Couple lines crossed with the best of Braade de Joode and Embregts Theunis world class bloodlines. Take a close look at this hen in the hand then take a look at her breeding with super results on all lines of her pedigree. SHE IS UTTER CLASS!

Lot 51 NL15-1810864Lot 51 Ped

Lot 52 Blue Checker Hen NL15-1810868 This is a daughter of TOP STAR one of our principle breeders of the last few years with a very special gift hen from our friend Cor de Heijde

Lot 52 NL15-1810868Lot 52 Ped

Lot 53. Blue Cock GB15E32713 An exceptional young cock bred from generations of fast maturing 300 mile plus One Loft and Futurity, National and Classic race winners and the legendry FIENEKE 5000 on both sides of his pedigree. He is  a grandson of the Mike Ganus world renowned breeding hen MONA LISA crossed a rare daughter of the BEAUTIFLY of Rik Hermans

Lot 53 GB15E32713Lot 53 Ped

Lot 54. Blue Cock GB15E32835 Another cock of top quality and unique breeding.

Lot 54 GB15E32835Lot 54 Ped

Lot 55. Blue Hen GB15E32849.This beautiful young hen is direct from our young talented breeder CHICO who is immediately breeding us and others many really good performers. He is without doubt emerging as one of our principle breeders of the future

Lot 55 GB15E32849Lot 55 Ped

Lot 56.Blue Checker Cock GB15E32753.As you can see through this auction list, our plan has always been to cross breed more and more winning genes into our already top winning gene base. Crowding as many unrelated winning genes at the highest level on as many lines of the pedigree as possible is our best way forward. This is a good example…DRUM ..Di CAPRIO…PROPERE …CHARLENE

Lot 56 GB15E32753Lot 56 Ped

Lot 57. Blue Hen GB15E32701.Yet another top quality hen with a fantastic gene pool

Lot 57 GB15E32701Lot 57 Ped

Lot 58. Blue Hen GB15E32852.To finish this auction we present a young hen of unbeatable quality. and with a pedigree that is difficult to improve on from a performance view. If you can handle her and take a closer look at her pedigree on the pen. She contains every famous pigeon we have owned for the last 15 years!

Lot 58 GB15E32852Lot 58 Ped