In the North…

On 2nd June 2019 , J and D Braniff of Wheatfield Provisionally win 1st Open N.I.P.A. from Gowran Park 2 against more than 12,000 birds with one down from their fantastic breeding daughter of ‘Drum’ and ‘Gerrie’. This is only a few weeks after them winning the first 1st,2nd,3rd,4th positions in Section C from Corrin against 3,523 birds and 24th,25th,35th and 37th open from over 20,000 birds. …again all down from their ‘Drum’ hen!


In the South….

Also on Sunday 2nd June saw the Irish South Road Federation race from Castletown against more than 9000 birds take place and Provisional winners are Thomas McLoughlin and Sons who fly in the Finglas RPC Dublin. The winner was bred by Brian Clennan of Whitby from his exceptional breeding hen ‘Rio’s Gold’ the nest sister to our own top breeding cock ‘War Drum’, both being grandchildren of ‘Drum’.

The sire was bred jointly by Leach Brothers of Hebden Bridge and Brian Clennan of Whitby who both share a breeding loft. The sire was bred from ‘Gold Rush’ a full brother to Leach Brothers base breeder ‘The Syndicate Cock’ (Zabel x Doran).

‘Rio’s Gold’ when paired to a son of Adrians ‘Syndicate Cock’  also bred 1st Irish South Road Fed Skibbereen Open against 4,202 birds in 2015 for McGloughlin and sons. Another direct daughter of ‘Rio’s Gold’ won 1st Club, 1st East Cleveland Federation,1st Section 7 , 2nd Up North Combine approx 18,500 birds, 2nd NEHU Open approx 26,000 birds from Eastbourne for Sayers Brothers of Skiningrove, and a granddaughter of ‘Rio’s Gold’ won 1st Up North Combine Reims 2018 against 3,265 birds also winning 1st N.E.C.C. and 1st Two Rivers C.C. in a stiff headwind and baking heat with their yearling Checker Pied pied hen NEHU 17 NEC 2140.

Very well done indeed to all involved…..