*Drum having a good moult…Now he spends his retirement in the hens aviary.

This last few days I have been working on detailing a breeding results list for Drum. Sometimes I cant believe just how good he was. Although he is no longer fertile , his bloodline is still as strong as ever into the fourth and fifth generation.
I had to finish a list somewhere as time is a big issue, but I am sure the attached list offers a good cross section at various levels of competition…

Drum is one of the best breeders of his generation with his DIRECT children winning:
*1st Cheltenham 4.316 birds
*1st Mangotsfield 3.801 birds
*1st Portland 3.501 birds
*1st Cheltenham 1.558 birds
*1st Strombeek 1.098 birds
*1st Orleans 1.244 birds
*2nd Kempsey 1.305 birds
*3rd Portland 2.467 birds
*3rd Portland 2.055 birds
*3rd Frome 3.312 birds
*6th Frome 3.300 birds
*6th Portland 4.157 birds
*7th Cheltenham 3.889.birds
*7th Eastbourne 3.112 birds
*7th Mangotsfield 7.230 birds
*9th Yeovil 3.387 birds
*10th Bourges 3.182 birds
*11th Portland 4.276 birds
*12th Poole 2.980 birds
*15th Strombeek 2.330 birds
*16th Mangotsfield 3.047 birds
*18h Yeovil 1.492 birds
*20th Poole 2.985 birds
*20th Cheltenham 1450b

FOXY PETE a son of Drum and Lucky Charm was raced by Phil Bates and Son to win: *1st Portland 350 birds (1st Federation 3.500 birds) *1st Frome 342 birds (3rd Federation 3.312 birds) *1st Eastbourne 337 birds (7th Federation 3.112 birds) *2nd Shotton Gold Ring Race Picauville *2nd Chester Two Bird Club Lessay *2nd Frome 332 birds (6th Federation 3.300 birds) *3rd Poole 286 birds (20th Federation 2.985 birds) *3rd Fourges 186 birds (12th Federation 1.510 birds)
FOXY PETE is Father of: *1st West Bay 320 birds (6th Federation 2.800 birds) *1st Chepstow 330 birds (21st Federation 3.400 birds) *2nd Frome 307 birds (12th Federation 2.980 birds) *10th Chester Two Bird Club Littlehampton

NL2007-3762621 a daughter of Drum and Marita won: *1st Strombeek 273 birds (1st Federation 1.098 birds) *5th Bourges 817 birds (10th Combine 3.182 birds ~ 67th National NPO 14.020 birds) *27th Combine Strombeek 8.042 birds

MYSTIQUE GB2007L02105 (Daughter of Drum x Doran) bred by Syndicate Lofts and raced by Crehan and O’Conner, Manchester:
*Winner of 2x 1st regional ace bird award RPRA (1,800 members competing)
*2nd National ace bird RPRA (38,000 members- first hen to achieve it)
*1st Cheltenham 1.740 birds
*1st Cheltenham 4.316 birds
*1st Mangotsfield 1.379 birds
*1st Mangotsfield 3.801 birds
*1st Cheltenham 299 birds
*1st Cheltenham 1.558 birds
*1st Portland 135 birds
*1st Portland 570 birds
*3rd Portland 2.055 birds
*1st Kempsey 318 birds
*1st Mangotsfield 231 birds
*1st Cheltenham 212 birds
*1st Cheltenham 117 birds
*2nd Cheltenham 680 birds
*3rd Cheltenham 1.638 birds
*9th Kempsey 3.387 birds
*6th Cheltenham 4.157 birds
*11th Portland 4.276 birds
*7th Cheltenham 3.889 birds
*12th Mangotsfield 7.230 birds

PIPA described her as “She is widely regarded as the best British racing pigeon of this millennium, but she proved even more successful in the breeding loft. She has bred several first prize winners including the talented ‘Vladimir’ and ‘Vitali’, which have both won five first prizes. In addition, her youngsters ‘Plutology’, ‘Nosey’ and ‘Ronaldo’ have excelled in the Million Dollar race and the Algarve One Loft race.”
Mystique’s credentials as a super breeder as is second to none, she has twice produced a pair of ace racers in the same nest! Probably the best are NWHU11X4147 (Vladimir) and NWHU12X4148 (Vitali) they have amassed the following set of results:
1st club 240 birds (1st fed 1.324 birds~ 1st combine 2.947 birds)
1st club 169 birds (1st fed 802 birds ~ 1st combine 1.686 birds)
1st club 126 birds (2nd fed 1.026 birds ~ 6th combine 3.708 birds)
1st club 264 birds (3rd fed 1.499 birds ~ 8th combine 3.305 birds)
1st club 151 birds (4th fed 1.024 birds ~ 7th combine 1.960 birds)
1st club 114 birds (3rd fed 743 birds)
1st club 80 birds (2nd fed 700 birds)
2nd club 264 birds (4th fed 1.499 birds ~ 9th combine 3.305 birds)
4th club 151 birds (5th fed 743 birds)
4th club 126 birds (10th fed 1.026 birds ~ 20th combine 3.708 birds)
6th club 240 birds (14th fed 1.324 birds ~ 16th combine 2.947 birds)
9th club 200 birds (17th fed 1.085 birds ~ 40th combine 2.403 birds)

*Vitali (grandson of Drum) won 1st R.P.R.A. National Ace All Round Pigeon 2013 (28.000 members) and his nest mate Vladimir won 3rd RPRA National Ace Sprint Pigeon 2013, and it is believed to be the first time two nest mates won 2 RPRA National Ace Awards in the same season!

In the 2010/11 Sun City Million Dollar Race series ‘Plutology’ (a son of Mystique therefore a grandson of Drum) was considered the best pre final race pigeon ever winning 12 x top 100 positions and won over $20,000 in pools and prize money. A full brother to Plutology was Nosey Nestmate who also had 8 top 100 finishes winning a large amount of money. The third of the 3 full brothers/sisters sent was Spanish Identity which was 120th in the final race winning a share of the $500 pools. These three youngsters were all bred from Mystique (Direct daughter of Drum).
In the 2012/13 series Crehan and O’Connor won 1st UK 9th Open in the grand averages from an initial entry of over 6000 birds with Lucky Tots another granddaughter of Drum and again won the $500 pools and $18000 in pool/prize money.


It is virtually impossible to document all of his winning grandchildren of Drum, however here are some highlights:

GENIE GB2005T29737 our super breeding daughter of Drum and Gerrie Mother of: ‘Adele’ NL10-3056738 : *14th National NPO Orleans 6.783 birds *25th National NPO Creil 25.056 birds *72nd National NPO Creil 11.056 birds *132nd National NPO Orleans 8.687 birds *1st Sens 304 birds (31st Combine 4.775 birds) *2nd Pommeroeul 377 birds (4th Combine 6.369 birds) *2nd Orleans 157 birds (3rd Combine 1.737 birds) *2nd Creil 383 birds (3rd Combine 6.441 birds) *4th Pommeroeul 219 birds *5th Orleans 185 birds *5th Pithiviers 250 birds
‘Adele’ is Mother of: *1st St.Quentin 3.519 birds (2nd Combine St Quentin 13.618 birds) *15th Combine St Quentin 6.623 birds *12th National NPO Creil 11.056 birds *20th Combine Sezanne 3.030 birds *30th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds

For D.Barron & Son a son of Genie is responsible for: *1st Rivenhall 7.132 birds *1st Newark 6148 birds *2nd Up North Combine Folkestone 17.762 birds *38th Up North Combine Anderezel 3.849 birds *51st Up North combine Lillers 18.088 birds

For Price Brothers & Son, a daughter of Genie is responsible for : *1st Wincanton 292 birds (1st Federation 1.672 birds) *1st Kingsdown 223 birds (1st Federation 1.473 birds) *1st Portland 200 birds (3rd Federation 1.368 birds) *1st Wincanton 170 birds (5th Federation 1.237 birds) *8th Midlands continental Classic Club Messac 1.271 birds

For Wayne Doonan a son of Genie is responsible for: *1st NIPA Fermoy 17.691 birds (raced by J.Vage and Son) *1st Section 1.370 birds Tullamore (1st Open NIPA 8.823 birds) *1st Section 1.846 birds Roscrea (18th Open NIPA 28.340 birds)

For Phil Bates and Son a son of Genie is responsible for: *1st Welsh South East National Ramsgate 2.236 birds

For Crehan and O’Conner a daughter of Genie is responsible for: *1st U.K., 7th International Algarve One Loft Race, Portugal

For Peter van der Merwe a daughter of Genie is responsible for : *1st Sens 1.336 birds *1st Provincial Nanteuil 13.814 birds

CHICO GB2011L36284 a son of Genie bred: *1st Asse Zellik 177 birds (1st Fed 944 birds) ( 4th Combine 3.493 birds) *2nd Feluy 203 birds (6th Fed 1.010 birds) ( 9th Combine 3.901 birds) *6th Nivelles 355 birds (10th Fed 1.239 birds) (18th Combine 4.640 birds)

For Tony Trattles a granddaughter of Genie bred 1st Up North Combine Lillers 11.300 birds

And many other big winners for many fanciers ‘Genie’ is a real super breeding hen….

A direct daughter of Drum and Gerrie for D.Barron and Son bred: *1st Tyne to Tweed Bubwith 7.500 birds

NL2010-3056734 a son of Drum and Little Star is responsible for: ‘Joint Venture’ NEHU2012Z1542 bred by Harvey and Son and raced by D.Storr and Grandson This cock only had 7 races as a young bird… *1st Maidstone 255 birds *1st Loftus breeder/buyer winning £3500 *1st Loftus c/c 1st £100 nomination *1st East Cleveland Fed Pools £1 £2 £5 *35th Up North Combine 14.153 birds *1st Rivenhall 283 birds (10th Section 3.206 birds) *1st Peterborough 286 birds (16th Section 3.595 birds) *7th Bubwith 2.116 birds *25th Bubwith 3.000 birds *1st Ace Young Bird Brotton HS *1st Ave Young Bird East Cleveland Federation ( 144 Members)

A direct daughter of Drum and Gerrie for J and D Braniff, Belfast bred: *1st NIPA Old Bird National Roscarberry 6000 birds

KIRSTY GB2005T29738 a daughter of Drum and Gerrie is Mother of: *1st Sezanne 1.296 birds (9th National NPO 18.893 birds) *1st Creil 281 birds (4th Federation 1.193 birds ~ 17th Combine 4.719 birds) *1st Creil 281 birds (3rd Federation 1.011 birds ~ 25th Combine 3.257 birds) *7th Sens 240 birds (13th Federation 1.095 birds~ 51st Combine 3.506 birds) *12th Creil 573 birds (20th Federation 2.250 birds ~ 26th Combine 8.157 birds)

For Mark Gilbert Southfield Bold a son of Drum and Gerrie bred: *1st National Flying Club Saintes 4.128 birds A full brother to Southfield Bold (Son Drum x Gerrie) bred for Mark Gilbert: *4th International Bordeaux 22.000 birds

For Wayne Doonan GB10L40803 a daughter of Drum x Joy bred: *3rd Open NIPA Young Bird National Rosscarbery 4.643 birds

Price Brothers and Son own a daughter of this same hen GB2010L40803 that is the Mother of GB2012S66202 winner in two weeks back to back: *1st Worcester Federation Frome 3.700 birds *1st Worcester Federation Frome 4.516 birds

GB2006L27790 a daughter of Drum and Agent Starling bred for Doonan and McGuinnes:
*1st Open NIPA Young Bird National Rosscarberry 5.054 birds.
*1st Section Roscrea 3.352 birds (14th Open NIPA 27.770 birds)
*2nd Section Fermoy 2.698 birds (25th Open NIPA 21.309 birds)

GB2006L27634 a daughter of Drum and Gerrie won: * 1st Orleans 1.244 birds (17th National NPO 11.390 birds)

GB2006L27635 a daughter of Drum and Gerrie bred: *1st Combine Ace Pigeon Union de Baronie 2007 against 1000 members winning 9 prizes from 9 races *4th Orleans 971 birds (5th Combine 3.288 birds ~ 6th National NPO 14.014 birds) *9th Chantilly 355 birds (24th Combine 5.155 birds) *1st Orleans 945 birds (5th Combine 3.421 birds ~ 21st National NPO 14.392 birds) *3rd Creil 395 birds (4th Federation 1.839 birds ~ 15th Combine 6.497 birds) *4th Orleans 175 birds (8th Federation 622 birds ~ 22nd Combine 2.182 birds) *6th Morlincourt 517 birds (24th Federation 1.976 birds) *8th Strombeek 452 birds (21st Federation 1.982 birds) *10th Creil 573 birds (17th Federation 2.250 birds)

A granddaughter of LICHT 635 (GB2006L27635) won: *1st Orleans 748 birds (2nd Section 3.020b ~ 8th National NPO 19.455 birds)

GB2006L27828 MATADOR a son of Drum and Agent Starling responsible for: *1st Section Clonmel 2.644 birds (3rd Open NIPA 22,372 birds)

GB2007L02204 STORMBIRD a son of Drum and Marita the Father of: Creilman NL08-3857201 *1st National NPO Creil 7.415 birds *2nd Strombeek 452 birds (6th Combine 6.317 birds) *5th Creil 513 birds (19th Combine 6.497 birds)

STORMBIRD is grandfather to NL12-1737082 *3rd National NPO Morlincourt 25.852 birds

JOHANNESBURG GB2007L02243 (Son of DRUM x DORAN) Father of:
*1st Sens 447 birds (2nd Federation 1.251 birds~6th Combine 4.224 birds~10th National NPO 17.292 birds)
*1st Orleans 175 birds (2nd Federation 579 birds~6th Combine 2.182 birds~51st National NPO 9.099 birds)
*2nd Nijvel 559 birds (2nd Federation 2.054 birds~ 18th Combine 7.213 birds)
*8th Creil 532 birds (30th Federation 1.730 birds ~116th Combine 5.904 birds)
*10th Orleans 214 birds (18th Federation 748 birds~ 42nd Combine 2.832 birds ~146th National NPO 19.455 birds)
*3rd Ace Young Bird Brabant 2000 against 2800 members

MOONGLOW GB2010L40617 a daughter of Drum and Joy is the Mother of: King Crimson GB2013V28636: *1st U.K. 304 birds ~3rd International Car Race 4065 birds South Africa Million Dollar Race 2014 Emerald Ace GB2011L36129: *1st Ace Pigeon Emerald Classic One Loft Race 2011 against 658 birds (17 minutes ahead) Amazing GB2012R22402: *1st Grimbergen 587 birds (32nd Combine 6.233 birds) *1st Creil 477 birds (16th National NPO 25.437 birds) *2nd Nijvel 483 birds (74th Combine 5.989 birds) *3rd Peronne 227 birds (68th Combine 3.449 birds) *4th Grimbergen 344 birds (83rd Combine 4.609 birds) *5th Creil 268 birds (50th Combine 2.775 birds) *7th Nijvel 400 birds (28th Combine 4.188 birds)

Witpen Drum GB10L40588 a son of Drum and Little Star bred: *1st Asse Zellik 310 birds (3rd Fed 1.242 birds) *2nd Creil 339 birds (9th Fed 1.295 birds ~ 34th Combine 5.593 birds) *4th St.Quentin 366 birds (5th Fed 1.433 birds ~ 7th Combine 5.681 birds ~ 34th NPO 25.048 birds)

COMET GB09L18662 a son of Drum and Marina bred: NL11-1867279 Mellissa *13th National Ace Young Bird WHZB 2011 *32nd National NPO Sezanne 12.518 birds *47th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds *384th National NPO Orleans 9.030 birds *1st Sezanne 267 birds (1st Fed 800 birds ~ 2nd Combine 3.030 birds) *2nd Orleans 205 birds (7th Fed 636 birds ~ 16th Combine 2.331 birds) *4th Pommeroeul 420 birds (7th Fed 1.644 birds ~ 29th Combine 6.924 birds) *7th Orleans 112 birds (23rd Fed 453 birds ~ 72nd Combine 1.839 birds) *12th St Quentin 510 birds (43rd Combine 1.776 birds)