This is our sales list for the 10 lots to be sold by auction at the Epsom Pigeon Fair, (At Epsom Downs Race Course)next Saturday 21st October 2017.

Viewing 10.00am and sale starts at 11.00am prompt.

Auctioneer is Stuart Wilcox who will be happy to conduct any commission bids. Tel 07715166066



Lot 1 Blue Hen GB17L42247

This is a stunning hen to start our lots. An inbred daughter of PROPERE RIK a cock that is wasting no time breeding top prize winners at all levels. When paired to ‘Sunday Girl’ he bred the father of Mr A Stoner and Sons 1st Section E,2nd Open NFC Messac 2017 against approx 4800 birds. From the same pairing he bred the mother of Phil Bates and Sons 1st Chester 2B Championship Club 2016. When paired to ‘Athenas Best’ he bred the mother of ‘Athenas Rossi’ winner of 1st Provincial Ace Young Bird against 1550 members & 5th Dutch National Ace Young Bird 2017. In 2017 when coupled to Foxy Lady he also bred a daughter winner of 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd plus other early results for Price Brothers and Son.

Sire of Lot 1 is PROPERE RIK bred from the basic breeding cock of Jan and Rik Hermans the PROPERE a grandson of the JAARLING DONDERSTEEN (Grandson Kannibaal Van Dyke) X JANSSEN DUIVIN (Direct Janssen A). Dam of PROPER RIK is KLEINE MARTINE a daughter of Eddy Janssens DARCO when paired to MARTINE winner of 1st Dourdan 1,004b

Dam of Lot 1  is BELLA bred by Jan and Rik Hermans from ZOON DI CARIO sire of *40th Nat.La Souterraine 17.017b*62nd Nat.Chateauroux 6.005b,BE09/991 (Danny Van Dyke)*3rd Asduif Union-ZAV ’10*1st Dourdan 581b*2nd Fontenay 354b*4th Dourdan 1476b*5th Dourdan 830b*8th Dourdan 653b*10th Dourdan 1,938b.He is Grandsire of BE10/825*1st Epehy 3,026b*1st Melun 907b (1st Prov.8.340b)*1st Marne 3.110b*1st Melun 907b.Grandsire of BE13-827 (Jos Cools)*6th Nat.Asduif Snelheid KBDB 2014.Grandsire of BE13-006 (Maegh-AS) *1st Nat.Zone Argenton 3.383b.Dam of BELLA is 01 PROPERE a Full Sister of PROPERE Rik.


Lot 2 B Ch C GB17L42006

This is a top quality son of one of our new young breeding talents ‘Son Kanon’ the grandsire of Gary Inkleys 1st NFC Young Bird National Winner 2017 and many others. He is also the grandsire of S.Gildea and Sons brilliant hen winner of 6th Open MNFC Countances 8,903 birds in 2017 and lots more.This lot is also a grandson of our legendry breeder Drum. In 2017 alone Drum is in the breeding of Sayers Brothers (Via Brain Clennan) 2nd NEHU Open from Eastbourne over 26,042 birds~ Grandsire of 7th Belgian National Chateauroux 25,474 birds raced by Rik Hermans ~ K & J Zerafa’s 1st NFC Fougeres 3000 birds (Via Mark Gilbert) ~ Dean Childs 1st BBC Fougeres  2000 birds(Via Mark Gilbert)~ 1st MNFC Vire 4000 birds (Via Ernie Rigby)~1st UNC Roye 7106 birds plus the same hen won 3rd NEHU Open Eastbourne 26,042 birds for Bell and Wormleighton (Via Terry Graggs & Brian Clennan)~ 1st MNFC Countances 3584 birds for Tony Whitehouse (Via Jack Walker)~ 1st Ace Pigeon and Car Winner RPRA One Loft Race for ‘Mum’s the Word’ Syndicate (Via Phil Silvester)~ 2nd NPO Argenton 12,267 birds for Peter Van de Merwe ~ 1st Ace Pigeon Golden Algarve One Loft Race and Car Winner. Plus countless Section and Federation wins with Drums progeny in 2017 alone!

Sire of LOT 2 is SON KANON bred by Danny Van Dyck direct from KANON when he was coupled to a full sister of Propere Rik.

Dam of Lot 2 is CLAUDIA a direct daughter of DRUM x LITTLE STAR (Daughter of Di Caprio)


Lot 3 Blue Pied Hen GB17L42259

This young hen is bred to produce classic winners. Handle her if you get a chance and you will see why I think this. As for her bloodline she is from probably the best son of our Young Couple paired with a hen from nothing else but our original National Ace and Olympiade Champions. RHIANNON with a grandson o YOUNG COUPLE bred the mother o the Tailors Arms breeder buyer 2017 (Stenson /Young) being one of only two home in race time from Countances winning over £11,000.

Sire of Lot 3 is JUNIOR The last son of our famous YOUNG COUPLE and a really terrific breeder.

Dam of Lot 3 is RHIANNON a direct daughter of the Morris and Booker super racing pair FULL SET and PINK EYES. This couple paired together as youngsters and raced to each other mostly arriving together to win 1st and 2nd prizes. As yearlings the results continued again both arriving together most weeks to take the top positions. Father of RHIANNON is FULL SET *1st Kingsdown 2.329b(1st Open 4.289b)*1st Kingsdown 1.422b(1st Open 2.655b)*1st Wincanton 2.359b(3rd Open 4.629b)*1st Kingsdown 1.805b(3rd Open 3.424b)*2nd Frome 2.020b(2nd Open 3.639b)*2nd Kingsdown 2.110b(2nd Open 4.074b)*6th Kingsdown 1.002b(14th Open 1.867b). He is bred from PENCIL PAUL a combination of bloodlines via Jack Walker of GLYNDWR (Young Couple),HILDE (Dtr.Figo Reynaert), DANZIG (Drum x Marita) and LUCKY CHARM (Dtr.Young Couple). Dam of Pencil Paul is HENWOOD HEN from 100% original De Klaks. Mother of RHIANNON is PINK EYES *1st Frome 2.020b(1st Open 3.639b)*1st Kingsdown 2.110b(1st Open 4.074b)*2nd Kingsdown 1.805b(4th Open 3.424b)*3rd Kingsdown 1.265b(5th Open 2.337b)*5th Kingsdown 1.002b(10th Open 1.867b).Her bloodline again via Jack Walker is on the sires side a son of DUTCH MASTER x MISS ROCKET (Dtr.Rocket) and on the dams side GALVESTON (Son Aviator),SABINA (Dtr.Fenomenale), Son HOLLYWOOD (Bred by Mike Ganus from Holywood 1st Dutch National Ace) and ANDREA ( Dtr.of 1st National Ace Hen of Germany of Andreas Drapa).


Lot 4 Blue Cock GB17L42019

This cock contains nothing but our original National Ace winners crossed together. Just take a look at the gene pool!
Sire of Lot 4 is BLUE 22 a son of GFL02-963 TYLER bred from TOPO 1st Dutch National Ace Midfond W.H.Z.B 2005 winning 1st Houdeng 8.351 birds~ 1st Lommel 3.302 birds~1st Reims 4.246 birds~1st Chantilly 1167 birds~1st Houdeng 515 birds~1st Heverlee 413 birds~1st Nijvel 483 birds~2nd Roye 1351 birds. Dam of Tyler is MY GIRL1st Arras 20.482 birds ~2nd Etampes 15.757 birds~2nd Strombeek 5.249 birds ~2nd Chantilly 5.159 birds~3rd Arras 4.044 birds ~5th Chantilly 12.525 birds~6th Strombeek 3.900 birds~6th Arras 13.100 birds~14th Chantilly 18.235 birds. Dam of BLUE 22 is SYNDICATE BRITANNIA winner of 1st Place Vegas 2001 winning a total of $76,000 U.S. Her sire is TOPO.

Dam of Lot 4 is ROCKET LADY   a beautiful hen retained for stock as she contains the bloodlines of the original Dutch National Ace winners. Her sire is INDIANA a son of ROCKET winner of 1st National Ace Old Birds All Holland NPO 1999.His racing performances are 1st Creil 2581b, 1st Creil 2485b, 1st Chantilly 2366b, 1st Reims 1671b, 2nd St.Ghislain 2535b, 2nd Creil 2633b, 2nd Etampes 1255b, 3rd St.Quentin 3072b, 3rd St.Quentin 2590b, 3rd St.Quentin 2414b, 5th Perrone 2177b, and 12th Nijvel 2456b. Dam of ROCKET LADY is ROSETTA a direct daughter of CASANOVA winner of 1st Dutch National Ace Middle Distance WHZB 2005. He is 100% Janssen blood – Geeloger,De Scherpe, Witooger,and Merkcx. Dam of ROSATTA is SYNDICATE BRITANNIA


Lot 5. Blue Ch.Hen GB17L42145

The very best and closest to the original  Leo Heremans bloodlines available at the moment NIEUWE ROSSI & EENOOGSKE with DI CAPRIO!                                                                                                                                              Sire of Lot 5 is BRAVE bred by Leo Heremans direct from his ‘NEW DREAM COUPLE’ the NIEUWE ROSSI X EENOOGSKE one of his very top pairs. NIEUWE ROSSI is a son of the famous ROSSI and SPIENEKE ~ & EENOOGSKE is a sister to DONKERE ASKE 2nd Asduif Yearling Hafo Turnout 2005~3rd Provincial Asduif KBDB Midfond 2005.                                                                                                         Dam of Lot 5 is LITTLE STAR a direct daughter of DI CAPRIO of Heremans-Ceusters the winner of *1st Quievrain 1.928 birds *1st Quievrain 1.580 birds *1st Quievrain 1.278 birds *3rd Quievrain 1.267 birds * 3rd Quievrain 658 birds *8th Quievrain 2.622 birds *10th Quievrain 851 birds *12th Quiervrain 1.583 birds.Father of DI CAPRIO is JACKPOT a son of OLYMPIADE of Gust Jansen 2nd Nat.As Duif Short Distance KBDB 2002 and Belgian Olympiade Bird Lievin 2003.Dam of JACKPOT is BLAUW KAMPIOENTJE of Jan Diels winner of 1st Noyon 3.262 birds *1st Quievrain 2.960 birds. Mother of LITTLE STAR is BELG 2006-6210005 a daughter of KANNIBAAL of Dirk Van Dyke.


Lot 6. Blue Cock GB17L42083

This is the same way bred as the mother of Micky Betts 3rd Open MNFC Coutances Young Bird National 2016 against 3,989 birds. His bloodline is from OUDE ASDUIF of Johan Donckers a name you will hear a lot more about in the next few years crossed with Di Caprio.                                                                                                                     Sire of Lot 6 is AMADEUS A direct son of DI CAPRIO when he was coupled with a daughter of KANNIBAAL.                                                                                                                                                    Dam of Lot 6 is MANON bred by Johan Donckers from the OUDE ASDUIF winner of *5th Nat.Asduif KBDB Short Distance ‘07,1st Quievrain 1.658b,1st Noyon 1.183b,1st Noyon 509b,1st Noyon 363b,1st Quievrain 272b,1st Quievrain 250b,1st Quievrain 237b,1st Quievrain 228b,1st Quievrain 183b,1st Quievrain 179b,1st Quievrain 168b,2nd Noyon 802b,2nd Quievrain 532b,2nd Quievrain 240b,2nd Quievrain 180b,3rd Noyon 1.115b,3rd Quievrain 420b,3rd Quievrain 300b,3rd Quievrain 281b,4th Quievrain 494b,4th Quievrain 262b,5th Noyon 361b.LEON is in fact a full brother to Johan Donckers JONGE ASDUIF and he himself was winner of 9 x 1st and has also become a top class breeder.


Lot 7. Blue Hen GB17L42267

This is a beautiful compact nice handling inbred granddaughter of ‘Harry’. Ideal for a cross.

Sire of Lot 7 is SKYFALL bred by Jan Hooymans from JAMES BOND a top producing full brother to HARRY and is father of *1st Nanteuil 7.125b *4th NPO Blois 7.415b *8th NPO Salbris 5.333b *9th NPO Bourges 7.356b *11th Car Race S.A. Million Dollar Race 4.065b *15th NPO Chateauroux 5.496b *16th NPO Salbris 7.599b *16th NPO Chateauroux 4.604b *20th Mantes la Jolie 14.945b *21st NPO Blois 8.482b. Dam of SKYFALL is a direct daughter of HARRY when he was paired to MARIEKE *5th NPO Chateauroux 4.604b *13th NPO Bourges 7.356b.

Dam of Lot 7 is   SUNDAY GIRL bred by Jan Hooymans from HARRY paired to THE LAST ONE bred by Jan and Rik Hermans being the last one bred from the basic pair JAARLING DONDERSTEEN x JANSSEN DUIVIN. This really good breeding hen THE LAST ONE is Mother of NL12-020*6th NPO Blois 4.413b, when paired to Harry for Jan Hooymans.When paired to Harry she bred the father of FRIENDSHIP *1st National Chateauxroux 44,315b.


Lot 8. Blue Checker Cock GB17L42100

This young silky feathered cock is the result of the best of Hooymans with a super daughter of two of our very best ever HANNIBAAL and GENIE!

Sire of Lot 8 is SKYFALL  bred by Jan Hooymans from JAMES BOND a top producing full brother to HARRY.

Dam of Lot 8 is ADELE a young hen with great racing and breeding results. She is the winner of *14th National NPO Orleans 6.783 birds *25th National NPO Creil 25.056 birds *72nd National NPO Creil 11.056 birds *132nd National NPO Orleans 8.687 birds *1st Sens 304 birds (31st Combine 4775 b)*2nd Pommeroeul 377 birds (4th Combine 6.369 b)*2nd Orleans 157 birds (3rd Combine 1.737 b)*2nd Creil 383 birds (3rd Combine 6.441 b)*4th Pommeroeul 219 birds *5th Orleans 185 birds *5th Pithiviers 250 birds. She is the Mother of *2nd St Quentin 13.618 birds *15th St Quentin 6.623 birds *20th Sezanne 3.030 birds *30th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds. ADELE is a daughter of HANNIBAL with GENIE (Drum x Gerrie).


Lot 9. Blue Hen GB17L42142

An immaculate hen in every way bred from a son of the famous SAFIER COUPLE with a daughter of DI CAPRIO

Sire of Lot 9 is ALONSO bred by Leo Heremans direct from The SAFIER PAIR.He is a full brother to the DUBBEL ASKE winner of 1st Asduif Midfond Union Antwerp 2008 – 1st Asduif Midfond Zuiderkempen 2008 – 1st Asduif Midfond Nat. ‘Superduif’ 2008 – Argenton 1/117 – Nat 27/25583 b – Salbris 1/77 -Prov. 28/2269 b – Gueret 4/122 – Nat 112/14784 b – La Souteraine 4/121 – Nat.269/21258 b. Her sire is SAFIER a son of OLYMPIADE the 2nd National Ace Sprint Pigeon and Olympiade bird in France. Her dam is a daughter of DE JAN winner of 1st National Provincial Asduif 2002 – 2nd NationalProvincial Asduif 2003 and 2004.                                                                                               Dam of Lot 9 is SEREN bred by Dirk Van Dyck and she is a stunning daughter of DI CAPRIO when he was paired to a direct daughter of KANNIBAAL


Lot 10. Blue Cock GB17L42147

Again bred from nothing but National and Classic winning bloodlines at the highest level.

Sire of Lot 10 is PROPERE 10 bred by Jan and Rik Hermans from PROPERE when he was paired to ATHENA *1st Dourdan 2.974 b (1st overall 5.205 b) *12th National La Souterraine 17.017 b (1st Club 681 b, 8th Zone 6.382 b) * 12th National Gueret 13.885 b (2nd Club 474 b, 5th Zone 4.675 b) *18th National Argenton 19.782 b (1st Club 400 b, 7th Zone 6.803 b) * 33rd National La Chatre 21.180 b (1st Club 479 b, 3rd Zone 7.806 b). ATHENA is bred from the super cock JAARLING DONDERSTEEN when he was coupled to a daughter of BUBBLES of Gerard and Bas Verkerk. ATHENA is not only a champion racing hen but as a breeder she is becoming world class being the dam of Rik Hermans NIKE winner of 1st National Bourges 2016 against 28.028 birds!

Dam of Lot 10 is JEAN GENIE an exceptional quality hen retained for our breeding loft. Her sire is SKYFALL bred by Jan Hooymans from JAMES BOND the top breeding brother of when he was paired to a direct daughter of HARRY. Dam of Jean Genie is GENIE the best ever breeding daughter of DRUM.