Had a photo and very welcome message from Erwin Houmes from Middelburg,Nethrlands another one of the future big talents of the younger generation of Dutch pigeon future fanciers. The future is bright.

Flying as Combination A. Houmes and Zn, they have had a quite sensational few weeks with some quite remarkable results. Amongst others on 28th May they won  28 May we also win 1st NPO Issoudun and his message continued   “In our racing loft we have a super racing hen, called Farmergirl. She is born at Hok Huijsmans. Last Saturday she won the 1e Provincial from middle distance race Fontenay (378 km) against 4.410 pigeons”.

I am ‘over the moon’ for them as not only is it well deserved and she is no doubt a really beautiful hen, she has also proven herself as one of the best being 1st Ace Pigeon Overall of their club last year as a yearling. So she is no flash in the pan.

One of the main reasons I am very happy for them is because I am more than pleased with our own contribution although it was only 25% of her pedigree. Ting is, it goes back many years, many great memories and some absolute great pigeons along the way, that made Erwin’s message make me reflect on some great times for me in the Pigeon Sport over the last twenty plus years.

As Erwin reported ‘Farmergirl’ was bred in the loft of Martin Huijsman another one of the most promising young talents of the Dutch racing scene of recent years. Sire of ‘Farmergirl’ is a super performance cock ‘Lou’ and the mother is the sensational hen 14-029 ‘Ace Hen’ winner of 2nd Dutch National Ace Middle Distance 2016 and has proven to be a top breeder. Her origin is from a cock of the best of Gerard Koopman original lines paired to NL08- 1679240 ”Inteelt Topo’ and this hen is where we are involved if only 25% of the total but includes some of our best ever bloodlines that we still have in abundance and winning better than ever today.

In 2004 the NPO (Dutch organising union) introduced a scheme for established fanciers to gift birds and help to young starters. We was asked to donate a gift to a young fancier Maarten Huijsman from Hoogerheide . One of the youngsters we gifted was NL08-1679240 a young hen that would be known in the future as ‘Inteelt Topo Hen’ and she become a top breeding hen for Maarten.  Among others she bred NL10-2047584 ‘NPO Men’ a world class breeder for Maartens pal Stef Bals and he is his basic breeder responsible for the major part of his success for the last half dozen years.

This NL08-1679240 ‘Inteelt Topo Hen’ was bred in our Colijn Ganus Fox partnership loft in Niewendijk by Peter Colijn from  Tristan NL07-1955796 a son of Glyndwr our brilliant racing son of The Young Couple GALILEO x AGENT STARLING and a daughter of Mike Ganus’s world famous TOPO one of pigeon sport history’s greatest ever racer  and breeders.  This is the same bloodline close up in the pedigree of ‘FOXY LADY’ our well known hen of today.

Tristan son of Glyndwr  our top racing and breeding son of The Young Couple.


A nice photo Glyndwr but we don’t have a photo of Brite Star sadly. She was also really top class.    NL08-1679240 ‘Inteelt Topo Hen’

Dam of ‘Inteelt Topo Hen’ was GB04A38434  she was bred from AMERICAN ACE our 1st Ace Pigeon and Car Winner in the Europa Classic One Loft Race in 2003 paired to Syndicate Britannia  our Vegas Race .com winner in 2001. How about that a One Loft Race and a One Loft Ace Pigeon winner on two different continents winning over $100,000 US in 2001! paired together to breed the mother of Inteelt Topo Hen!

GB04A38434 a daughter of a One Loft Race and a One Loft Ace Pigeon winner on two different continents winning over $100,000 US in 2001! paired together

American Ace

Syndicate-Britannia a golden hen grandaughter of Topo with a splash of Ad Schaerlaeckens and Broekcx Van Hee Hofkens and a bloodline that we still have in our lofts today and also winning for many fanciers.

To conclude, I must thank Erwin for his message and I am 100% certain it will not be long before more success.   Gefeliciteerd !