In the past 30 years we have been very fortunate to have had some really top class breeders, no more so than our great producing cock ‘Drum’. He was the kind of cock that could be paired to any bloodline hen and produce top performers and breeders at the very highest level.

One of his most successful mates was Doran a small checker hen bred by Gerard Koopman from his basic hen ‘Golden Lady’. We bred from Drum and Doran around 10 youngsters over a three year period and the offspring have become world renowned.

One hen from that couple was the famous ‘Mystique’ bred by ourselves and raced by the top fanciers Crehan & O’Connor of Salford. She won for them  2x 1st regional ace bird award RPRA (1,800 members competing) *2nd National ace bird RPRA (38,000 members- first hen to achieve it) * 1st Cheltenham 1,740b * 1st Cheltenham 4,316b *1st Mangotsfield 1,379b *1st Mangotsfield 3,801b *1st Cheltenham 299b *1st Cheltenham 1.558b *1st Portland 135b *1st Portland 570b *3rd Portland 2,055b *1st Kempsey 318b * 1st Mangotsfield 231b *1st Cheltenham 212b  *1st Cheltenham 117b *2nd Cheltenham 680b *3rd Cheltenham 1,638b *9th Kempsey 3,387b *6th Cheltenham 4,157b *11th Portland 4,276b *7th Cheltenham 3,889b *12th Mangotsfield 7,230b

Our Checker White Flight cock ‘Johannesburg’ is another one from Drum and Doran and he became a very special breeder at a very young age. He is responsible for 1st Open National , Classic and One Loft Races such as last years 1st Open Midlands National Young Bird race winner from Countances against 3,584 birds for Tony Whitehouse. The father of Tony Whitehouse 1st MNFC Countances was bred from a full brother to the sire of his MNFC Vire winner in 2014 against over 5000 birds when he was paired to the Jack Walker ‘Johannesburg’ hen ! a daughter of ‘Johannesburg’.

Another  quite incredible thing in this same MNFC Countances race was the second open prize winner raced by   R.McLaughlin and Son of Cannock was bred from their spectacular breeding pair , the hen of which is also down from the same Jack Walkers ‘Johannesburg Hen’ .

Last October we won the 1st Ace Pigeon award and a new car in the Golden Algarve race winning by more than one and a half hours. The full brother to this Ace winner was sent to race in the South Africa Million Dollar Race winning 1st UK,12th International Hot Spot Race Ace Pigeon against 3,034 birds. Both were bred from ‘The Pharaoh’ a 2016 latebred son of Johannesburg that will without any doubt become a very worthy successor to his illustrious father (Johannesburg) and grand father (Drum).

In the last few weeks we have had Federation topping reports with the same bloodline such as Phil Bates and Son winning 1st Wrexham Federation from Hereford with a granddaughter of ‘Johannesburg’ against 1,935 birds…Mick Carrick flying in the Alysbury United Flying Club reports his multiple prize winning ways continuing with 1st 2nd,5th,7th,8th,15th,18th Fed against over 1,000 entries with all seven birds containing Syndicate Lofts bloodlines with his 1st Fed winner being a grandson of ‘Johannesburg’.

Another call from Dave Atkin of Lincoln reported him breeding the winner of 1st Lanarkshire Social Circle and 1st Lanarkshire Fed from Retford against 3,289 birds for Mr D.Allinson of the Greenbank Club. His winner is a grandson of Dave Atkins Top breeder ‘The Sultan’ a full brother to ‘Johannesburg’.

The top winning potency of the Drum and Doran bloodline is not only as strong as ever but is getting stronger every season!