*This is Brave the nest brother to Max and another top class producer direct from Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogkske including breeding our first bird from Bierges.

This last few seasons racing young birds in Brabant , has been very difficult indeed as it has been across the entire pigeon sport world due to losses and erratic racing that has made it extremely difficult to try out new bloodlines or build a progressively stronger team year on year.

At the start of training the 2019 youngsters this year it became clear very quickly that this season was going to be no different. We are very lucky to have a program of ‘Natour’ (Natural /Any Age) races that has become very popular this last few years as it allows us to compete with young birds and give them confidence and experience for future years without the stress of the Young Bird program at the hottest and most humid time of the year that encourages the sickness that we all associate with the young bird problems.

We have only competed in these races with the youngsters this season as has the majority of our club members and racing has been very good indeed.

This year as usual the ‘Natour’ program consists of six races and although we should have had four races by this time we have only had three as the first and third weeks were cancelled due to weather problems.

We will report on our races two and three later and here we detail our race one.

Our first Natour race was from Biergies on 11th August 2019 a distance of around 120 km to Nieuwendijk.

Out of our entire entry of 66 birds we scored a very pleasing 40 prizes at Combine level (60%) with 7 early prizes in the top 100 of the Union de Baronie Combine against 3,155 birds.

Club 489 birds…4th,8th,19th,20th,21st,23rd etc…

Union de Baronie 3,155 birds…24th,37th,77th,78th,85th,96th and so on…

4th Club 489 birds, 24th Combine 3,155 birds Bierges.

8th Club 489 birds, 37th Combine 3,155 birds Bierges.

20th Club 489 birds, 78th Combine 3,155 birds Bierges.