This is a new pairing of longer distance bloodlines.
The Blue Cock is a son of Wijnands Triple A 1st Nat Asduif WHZB 2011 *3rd Nat.Bordeaux 4.504 birds *14th Nat.Marseille 3.486 birds. He is a grandson of the Blauwe Vanoppen.
The Grizzle Hen is from Waalre (son De Jeu 3rd Nat. Asduif Grote Fond Europacup 2010 *1st Nat.Montauban 34.827 birds *53rd Nat.Mont de Marsan 10.212 birds x Simply the Best *1st Nat.St.Vincent 27.516 birds) coupled with the Diego Hen *2nd Bordeaux Nat. Yearling 1.326 birds *95th International 7.738 birds *213rd National Barcelona 2.368 birds.