Following 4th and 11th NPO Salbris 17,448 pigeons (23 May) and 2nd and 10th NPO Issoudun 10,850 pigeons (June 6)the 3rd one day long distance race in Reeuwijk was now the highlight with 1st National Sector 2 Vierzon 11,257 pigeons.
This is the fourth big win in 8 weeks time (previously 1-2-3rd Quievrain 2,144 pigeons., 1st Salbris 2,103 pigeons. and 1st Issoudun 4,310 pigeons.)
The “Flying Dutchman”, a half-brother of “Flying Wonder” (1st National Ace Pigeon Allround and Yearlings Pipa Ranking) is currently the best in the racing loft, but after this victory will be moved to the breeding loft.

The “Flying Dutchman”…

The Verkerk pigeons are on a roll, also in other lofts. Not only Eijerkamp winning 3 NPO races with descendants of the Verkerk pigeons, but 2 weeks ago Aaldering Pigeons and Ruud Bakker both won 1st NPO with a half Verkerk, and last week Will and Falco Ebben were 1st Provincial Melun 7,291 pigeons with a half Verkerk.
Translation Witpen