The Macaloney family have had a quite sensational start to the 2019 old bird season winning the first four in the Federation in the first three races.

A call from Willie on Saturday reported their first two birds for 1st and 2nd Fed are a full brother and sister from ‘Propere Girl’ a hen we bred from ‘Propere Rik’ and ‘Sunday Girl’. This hen was crossed with their famous Super Mac lines.

Over the last few seasons ‘Propere Rik’ has become one of our very top principle breeders with various hens at all levels. Combine,National , Classic and Specialist races and One Loft Races including very really in the South Africa Million Dollar Race.

One of the most successful pairings for Propere Rik  has been Sunday Girl a daughter of Harry. This is turning out to be an Ace pairing for us.

A recent report came from our good friends and top fliers Phil Bates and Son (Chip Shop Boys) of Bagillt, North Wales. They have a really good cock that they have named ‘HANDSOME HARRY’ that as a youngster in 2015 won   1st Club,2nd North East Wales and West Wirral Fed and 2nd Flint Gold Ring race from West Bay only beaten by a fancier flying 14 miles shorter and in the east.

As a yearling ‘Handsome Harry’ won 1st Wrexham and District Federation from Messac 380 miles when 46 members sent 378 birds with a speed of 1154 ypm flying almost 12 hours on the wing.

In 2017 ‘Handsome Harry’ won 1st Wrexham and District Fed from Fougeres 350 miles when 62 members sent 463 birds in another good working race of over 9 and a half hours.

The mother of ‘Handsome Harry’ was the first youngster we bred from ‘Propere Rik’ and ‘Sunday Girl’ in 2014 that they have now named ‘Jennifer Lopez’. As well as ‘Handsome Harry’ she also bred ‘Chip Shop Pete’ who won the very tough Carentan race in the hugely competitive Chester and District 2 bird Championship Club in 2016 as a yearling.

Now ‘Propere Rik’ and ‘Sunday Girl’ breed the mother of 1st and 2nd Lanarks Fed Hexham against 5,992 birds.

This is Sunday Girl a daughter of Harry when coupled to the incredible Jan and Rik Hermans breeding hen ‘The Last One’…Sunday Girl when paired to ‘Propere Rik bred 1st Section E,2nd Open NFC Messac 2017 for Mr A Stoner and Son and also Phil Bates and Sons 1st Chester 2B CC 2016 and Handsome Harry.Now she is grand mother of 1st annd 2nd Lanarks Fed Hexham almost 6000 birds.


The week before Hexham the Macaloney family also took the first four in the Fed from Kelso against 4433 birds. Their winner was a yearling cock ‘Caesar’ a direct son of their top breeder ‘Luigi’ who has now bred 1st Fed 4433 birds,1st Fed 2538 birds,1st Fed 1352 birds,4th Fed 5776 birds,4th Fed 2564 birds,15th Fed 5475 birds,23rd Fed 1276 birds and this week another 17th Fed Hexham 5992 birds. We bred ‘Luigi’ from ‘Mario’ one of our super sons of ‘Di Caprio’ of Heremans Ceusters coupled with ‘Astrid’ a direct daughter of the Favoriet Koppel also of Hermans Ceusters.

Mario…Super son of Di Caprio …..

‘Astrid’…(Daughter Favorite Couple Leo Heremans)

Very many congratulations to the Macaloney Family on their super start to the year.

World class fanciers with world class bloodlines and a super winning mentality.