We reported in May of this year regarding the season to date for the team of Garry Inkley , not only his club performances in the very competitive Lambert Club against 200 to 450 birds per week but also in the National and Classic races of the season that had  identified a real star racer in ‘Pennsylvania 65000’.

This cock GB20N65000 had previously won *1st Club Yeovil, 2nd Fed 2279 birds ,*2nd Club Guernsey, 15th Fed 1377 birds , *2nd Club Weymouth , *3rd Club Exeter , *4th Club Yeovil club racing in the Lambert Club and BBO Fed and also *40th Open NFC Guernsey (1) 2021  against 6,956 birds *92nd Open BICC Guernsey (1) 2021 against 5,281 birds *248th Open NFC Guernsey (2) 2021  against 5,853 birds and this season had won *26th Open BBC Guernsey against 2,156 birds and *43rd Open NFC Guernsey 6,599 birds pooled all the way Section and Open * 109th Open NFC Guernsey 5413 birds once again pooled all the way and then won 4th Club,23rd Fed Sennen Cove 674 birds.

This is one very outstanding cock with plenty of age on his side.

‘Pennsylvania 65000’ is bred from  a full brother of the renowned breed ‘RHIANNON’ when coupled to a daughter of RENEGADE (Son Outlaw x Gold  Dust Woman) that is developing into an extraordinary breeder.

The same weekend as the last NFC Guernsey Race ,Garry also had a BBO Fed Race from Exeter against 1636 birds winning 1st and 2nd.  The 1st Fed winner was bred from the good son of JUNIOR x RHIANNON paired with a daughter of WARRIOR (Son of War Drum x Sister Blue Baron)  x MATA HARI our top breeding daughter of OUTLAW x  ZELDA (Dtr.Young Couple) and the 2nd Fed winner was bred from a grandson of OUTLAW x ROWEN (Dtr Young Couple) paired to RATHENS GINA and she is another league above again not only being the nest sister to BOBBI MAC Garry’s 1st Open NFC Young Bird National Winner in 2017 but she is also one of the very best National and Classic racing hens in the country at the moment.

The Classic Season continued in June and July with BICC St Philbert (1) a real testing race however Garry wins 16th,26th,37th,46th,55th,72nd,89th,90th Open against 2105 birds with velocities ranging from 1120 down to 885 ypm.

On the 2nd July The BICC raced St Philbert (2) with 2922 birds with Garry winning 56th,95th and 114th Open . First bird was a very experienced six year old hen with plenty of previous bred from a Waalre x Miss Hermans Father and an original Van Dommelen Mother that Garry has done extremely well with over the years.  Then one from a son of De Gust (Lemmens) on loan from Tim Atkin paired to a hen from Son Bandite x Moonglow x daughter War Drum x Rhiannon. Then one from a son of Garry’s NFC Saintes winner ‘Northern Nights’ paired to a hen from ‘Son Hannibal x Genie’ x Bobbi Mac, Garrys 1st NFC Countances NFC winner.

These were duplicated into the BBC against 1297 birds to win 19th,32nd & 47th Open with the rest  of the team scoring 47th,58th,65th,67th and 88th.

On 16th July from the BBC Poitiers race Garry won 5th,7th and 13th open and duplicated into the BICC won 12th,13th and 18th against 892 birds.

War Drum our top breeding cock is proving a major influence on Garry’s team this last few years .  He is now breeding a type that suits him and the results clearly demonstrates this clearly.

Once again Garry is breeding a type from Foxy Lady when she was paired to several cocks that suits him and once again the results show Garry’s stockmanship as well as fanciership!   

Most of Garry’s principle performers originate back to Rhiannon one of our principle breeding hens of the last few seasons…she is a really beautiful hen with a quite incredible performance pedigree..

Same with the Outlaw DNA when he was paired to various daughters of The Young Couple. Probably more pre potent today than this line was twenty years ago.  This only happens by constant racing and selection at the highest levels. The good ones stay and the bad ones don’t!

Gold Dust Woman bred by Koen Minderhoud from his renowned Champion Geelooger…she is producing some top winning offspring from the start… Garry’ and many other fanciers have bred some exceptional multi performance classic winning birds very quickly. I am 100% certain, she will become one of our very best breeding hens ever!

The first bird was from a son of War Drum x Sunday Girl paired to a daughter of Foxy Lady and the dam was a gift from Andrew McFenton , Swansea, with the bloodline of Super Mario x Dutch Master x Agent Starling X Drum  , then one from a son of War Drum x Rhiannon with a daughter of Bandit x Moonglow and then one from a son of Bandit x Bobbi Mac with a daughter of War Drum x Rhiannon.

During this string of super Classic results Garry’s team has also been quite superb at club level including Exeter 305 birds 1st  (Bandit and Bobbi Mac x War Drum x Rhiannon),2nd (Propere Rik and Stella x Bandit x Foxy Lady)  3rd (Outlaw and Rowen x G.dtr Harry) …Weymouth 244 birds 1st (Outlaw and Rowen x Bosmans Leekens)… Honiton 305 birds 1st (from Som Witpen Mike and Foxy Lady x Bobbi Mac) ,2nd (Super Mario x Bobbi Mac),3rd (Son Bandit and Bobbi Mac x Dtr War Drum x Rhiannon)…Exeter 248 birds,1st (Son Junior and Rhiannon x  Dtr Warrior x Mata Hari),2nd  ( from Son Outlaw and Rowen)…Guernsey 267 birds  1st (Son Junior and Rhiannon x Dtr.Warrior x Mata Hari),2nd ‘Pennsylvania 65000’ ( Brother Rhainnon x dtr Renegade x Gold Dust Woman),3rd (Son Junior and Rhiannon x Dtr.Renegade x Gold Dust Woman).

This last weekend was Garry’s Young Bird Teams first race of the season and the high level of results continues…result 1st,2nd,3rd. First bird was from son Witpen Mike and Foxy Lady x Bobbi Mac…second bird was from a Tim Atkin cock from his top breeding son of Propere 10 x Stardust paired to a daughter of Foxy Lady and the dam is from Renegade x Gold Dust Woman….third bird is a Bosmans Leekens Grizzle.

Garry Inkley is one of the countries top pigeon fanciers and can demonstrate with results as evdience over many decades that he can win at any level and with any breed of pigeons that he works with.  A natural ‘Pigeon Man’ and good guy that any true sportsman can only admire. It is doubtful if the high level results from all distances and against all competition will end any time soon as Garry still retains his enthusiasm and love of the sport.

Why we love this great Hobby!