Had a nice phone call from Mr Ernie Rigby of Taylor and Rigby of Telford reporting the fantastic win of Gary Downing the Ace West Midlands fancier scoring 1st and 3rd Open in the Midlands Continental Classic Guernsey 1 race flown 21st May 2022.

I believe a full sister to the MCCC winner won provisionally 7th Open in the following MCCC race Guernsey 2.

Gary Downing is of course well known throughout the UK as one of its best fanciers. The proof of this are the results that are very well documented.

Top winning genes in the hands of a top winning fancier can only result in more to results at the very highest level.

Dam of the winner is a sister to Gary’s 1st MNFC winner and is of Janssen and Van Loon bloodline.

Sire of the winner was bred by Taylor and Rigby from a special pair.

The pair was originally purchased by Mrs Eileen Whitehead of Durham as a birthday gift for her now late husband Jim Whitehead.   The cock was  an inbred Grandson of ‘The Young Couple’ ( ‘Golan’ x Kannibaal Princess’) and the hen was an inbred Granddaughter of Joop Koch’s ‘Favorite Son’ (‘Favorite 644’ x ‘Lurgan Belle’ bred by Geoffrey Douglas).

Jim Whitehead sold Mr and Mrs Peter Shaw of Wolverhampton a youngster from this pair in 2014 amongst a kit.

This turned out to be a checker pied hen  that in 2015 went on to win:

1st South West sec, 761 bds…17th Open, 8,888 bds… MNFC Carentan                                                            also winning  1st SW Sec Yearling Classic, 144 bds…6th Open Yearling Classic, 969 bds

7th SW Sec, 745 bds…21st Open, 5610 bds…MNFC Ancensis                                                                            also winning  3rd SW Sec Yearling Classic 78 bds…6th Open Yearling Classic, 479 bds

60th SW sec, 1125 bds…187th Open 8350 bds…MNFC Carentan

For the above, she was ranked 1st Ace Pigeon (Middle distance) in the South West section and 2nd Ace Pigeon (Middle distance) in the open.

She also accumulated 3 x Club wins and a 2nd place being beaten by a loftmate with which she arrived. She was also 17th Wolverhampton Federation Fourgeres against approx 1200 bds.

In 2016, she won 1st Midland Continental Classic race from Carentan against 11 birds beating the entire convoy with the Worcester Fed of 1600 birds (including duplications) totaling approx 2500 by 22 ypm.

Taylor and Rigby subsequently bought the original pair from Jim Whitehead who was cutting down due to ill health and it is a son of this pair therefore a full brother to Mr and Mrs Shaws good hen that bred Gary Downing’s 1st MCCC winner from Guernsey 1.

Many congratulations indeed to all involved.


Golan… Sire of:-
*69th International Sun City Million Dollar Race 3.155 b
*87th NPO Sezanne 16.026 b
*1st Pommeroeul 7.631 b
*3rd Pomeroeul 4.502 b
*10th NPO Creil 25.960 b (2nd Fed 1.839 b) *1st Creil 1.073 b
*13th St.Quentin 6.626 b *1st Nijvel 1191 b *2nd Pommeroeul 1072 b
G.Father of: GB14V08428 (Mr & Mrs Shaw) *1st M.C.C.C. Carentan 1,100 b ‘16 *1st Section Ace Pigeon MNFC Middle Distance ‘15 *2nd Open Ace Pigeon MNFC Middle Distance ‘15 *3rd Sect.Yearling Classic Carenatan 144b 6th Open Yearling Classic Carentan 969 b *1st Sect. Carentan MNFC 761 b *17th MNFC Carentan 8,888 b *3rd Sect.Yearling Classic Ancenis 78 b
GOLAN is Grand Sire of *1st Heart of England Fed Weymouth 1550 birds for R.Stokes and Son


This is ‘Favorite Son’ bred by Joop Koch and father of the cock of the Geoffery Douglas ‘Good Pair’ responsible for over 100 firsts in four generations. He is also responsible for Geoffery’s 1st NIPA Young Bird National from Rosscarbery with ‘Foxy Jack’ against 4399 birds in 2009. .
‘Favorite Son’ is also father to the mother of D.& J Armstrong’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ 1st NIPA Rosscarbery Young Bird National against 4136 birds in 2008.
He is also father to the hen of Derek Woodwards ‘Good Pair’ responsible for more than 75 first prize winners in three generations…
‘Favorite Son’ is also father to our great racing cock ‘The Wizard’ winner of 1st National NPO Etampes against 17,707 birds in 2005…
An absolutely Top Class breeder !