Garry Inkley’s super season continues…..

Yesterday his young bird team took the first 15 positions in the Inter Counties Federations race from Yeovil against approx 1,800 entries, winning the fed against his nearest rival by over 30 y.p.m.!

Topping the Fed this week is a young blue hen from a son of Super 8 coupled with a daughter of War Drum and Rhiannon (Rhiannon once again!).

‘War Drum’ sitting his eggs when paired to ‘Little Star’ our fantastic breeding daughter of ‘Di Caprio’ for a pair of late breds…


War Drum our top breeding cock and grand sire of Garry Inkleys’ 1st Fed Yeovil yesterday against approx 1,800 birds.  ‘War Drums’ direct children raced  supremely well topping the Fed on 14 occasions plus of course just as many 2nds and 3rds and so on. Now his Grandchildren continue in the same way…we would find it very difficult to even estimate the winners in the second and third generation! Maybe one day we will have to sit down and try to collate it all.              Without any doubt he is one of our best breeders ever! 


In the British Barcelona Clubs Bordeaux race a distance of almost 470 miles to Garry against over 800 entries, he again had multiple early prize winners at the very top in a tricky race including 2nd,3rd,4th,5th Section and 3rd,6th,10th,11th Open and many more on the result from his 14 entries!. His birds were a combination of his tried and tested Ko Van Dommelen crossed with some of our distance lines. For example 10th Open is from a grandson of Van Dommelen’s ‘Passporst’ coupled with a daughter of our ‘Son Favoriet’ and ‘Miss Hermans’…next arrival was from a Vereeke cock with a daughter of our super breeding cock ‘Waalre’ coupled to ‘Diego Hen’…next a Van Dommelen cock with a daughter of ‘Waalre’ and ‘Miss Hermans’. Garry obtained this daughter of ‘Waalre’ and ‘Miss Hermans’ from Davy Burns of Liverpool where she had already bred a 1st prize winner in the Mighty Liverpool Amal!

Waalre…Our outstanding Long Distance breeding cock…  A cock with a fantastic pedigree …super handling qualities…and a terrific breeding record at the highest level for many fanciers all over the country .  His talent is to breed fast maturing  birds that win at the distance. Stamina and speed even as youngsters!!                                                     A partial breeding record for ‘Waalre’…
*Grandsire of P Bates and Sons 1st Welsh SE National Lillers
*Grandsire of 1st North Section Welsh S.E. National Ypres
*Grandsire of 1st North Section Welsh Combine &  2nd North Section Welsh SE National Kinzweiler
*Grandsire of E.Higginbottoms 1st Section K,  10th Open NFC Falaise Y.B.National
*Gransire of Nick Adsheads good cock
* 213th Open NFC Fourgeres 8,579 birds
* 87th Open NFC Messac 6,997 birds
*739th NFC Ancensis 5,577 birds
*33rd Open NFC Saintes 555 miles 3,726 birds
*Grandsire of Mr and Mrs Stones ‘Crakerjack’
*13th BBC Fourgeres ’13
*13th BBC Countances’15
* 44th NFC Guernsey’15*
*59th BBC Fourgeres ’14
*141st BICC Guernsey’15
*Grandsire of 1st Sect.MNFC Carentan                                                                                                                                                   *Grandsire of Brooks Brothers and Wilcox 8th Open BICC Poitiers 1,807 birds in a very tricky race..

And many more at all distances!!