*This is GB09L18854 ‘Son Teofilo’ an absolute stunning cock and top class breeder for Maurice O’Donnell, ABU Lofts that he bought from our auction in Dublin in November 2009.

In 2011 Maurice and his brother decided to enter a team of 3 birds into that years Sun City Million Dollar Race and while considering which birds to couple together they made a ‘mistake’ by coupling him to a long distance hen bred by the famous Jos Joosens of Brecht. One of their youngsters ‘Dave the Rave’ was entered into the race with an initial entry of over 8000 birds. The final itself was one of the hardest ever flown with gale force winds and thundery downpours that resulted in only 50 birds clocked on the day. ‘Dave the Rave’ arrived early next morning to win a very creditable 116th Open.

Spurred on by this result they sent 5 direct children of ‘Son Teofilo’ to ‘have a go’ in the 2012 event. Between them they won 8 x first Country plus 9 x second Country prizes also winning 1st Open Cascade Challenge from 4861 birds and 1st Country Challenge Semi Final against 4073 birds. In the final from 578 km they won 110th, 444th,674th,945th,1477th open to achieve a 100% score of 5 clocked from 5 entries.

Maurice retained a good number of direct children of  ‘Son Teofilo’ for his breeding loft and subsequently mated every direct child back to his other original Syndicate Lofts and Jos Joosens breeders and that meant that every youngster was at least 25% of his blood.             Then in Maurice’s own words ‘The winning started’…

They won over 30 first Clubs against an average of 400 birds…25 first Sections and 5 first Federation’s against an overage of 2000 birds.

In two Irish Homing Union N.F.C. Nationals they won 5 positions in the top 10 in each race and in the Young Bird National from Barleycove they won 7 of the top eleven prizes 1720 birds!!

In the I.N.F.C. Penzance National 2652 birds they won 2nd and 3rd South Section flying over at least 160 miles of sea.

Other One Loft Race results with children and grandchildren of the ‘Son Teofilo’ cock are in 2012 1st Ace Bird North Coast Challenge One Loft Race ~ in 2013 2nd Open Final North Coast Challenge ~ in 2013 1st Hot Spot winner North Coast Challenge ~ in 2013 3rd Open Final of the South West One Loft Race ~ in 2013 20th Open Final in the Algarve One Loft Race ~ in 2014 2nd Open in the Final of the French Derby One Loft Race winning £4850.

In the 2012 Sun City Million Dollar Race from the 5 children entered one in particular ‘Panacky Pete’ won 1st Country 11th International 5833 birds ~ 1st Country 13th International 4935 birds ~ 1st Country 1st International 4681 birds ~ 1st Country 81st International 4073 birds ~ 1st Country 64th International 3535 birds and then 2nd Country 110th International in the Final.

Friends of Maurice who have received some of the bloodline of ‘Son Teofilo’  have also experienced good results, for example D & T Ryan from Waterford won 3 first Federations with 3 different grandchildren ~ Eamon Kelly from Abbington with a direct son won 46th Open in the B.B.C. Young Bird National in 2013 when only 59 birds were timed in ~ in 2014  S & J Leahy won 1st Irish Homing Union N.F.C. Young Bird National from Cahirsiveen against 1171 birds.

Many congratulations one again to Maurice and best wishes for future…

GB09L18854 Ped 

Teofilo Rosetta