This is GFL07-949 ‘Galveston’ bred by Ganus Family Lofts and responsible for some great performers…


I had a call from Jack Walker with a report of a very special pair of yearling racers and a very special story..

Jack bought some birds of us and coupled a son of Glyndwr (Young Couple) when he was paired to a daughter of Danzig (Drum x Marita)  x Lucky Charm (Young Couple).  Jack gifted a cock from this pairing to his friend Paul Astbury.

Paul coupled this bird to one of his own and bred GB12P40189 that he gifted to the very good fanciers Booker and Morris of West Walsall Flying Club.

Jack Walker also gifted Paul a cock bred from a son of  Dutch Master x Gerrie  paired to a daughter of  Rocket x Sabina and another hen from Galveston (Aviator x Star Lite) x Hollywood Classic x Andrea. Paul coupled these together and again gifted a hen GB12H30671 to Booker and Morris.

Last year as youngsters 40189 and 30671 paired together in the young bird race team. From the Wolverhampton Federation’s race from Wincanton the pair dropped together to win 1st and 2nd Federation against 3,639 birds.

This year as yearlings they are also paired together and they again dropped together from the Wolves Fed’s Kingsdown Race to win 1st and 2nd Fed against 4,074 birds. In this race the velocities for both pigeons were 1545.593 y.p.m. so impossible to split.

This year the cock 12P40189 also won 1st Wolves Fed Kingsdown against 4289 birds then 3rd Fed from Wincanton against 4,629 birds when the hen was 10th Fed in the same race..

Then last weekend they dropped together again to be 3rd and 4th Fed Kingsdown against 3,424 birds.

Clearly two birds that don’t want to be separated for very long.

These are two young pigeons with more races to go not only this season but in the future…I am sure we will hear more of them.