This is  Galileo and Agent Starling ~ The Young Couple our basic breeders. Morris and Bookers fantastic racer GB12P40189 is inbred to this couple, the father being from a son of Glyndwr and a daughter of Lucky Charm both children of the pair with a bit of Drum and Marita crossed in.

*A few weeks ago we reported on the two fantastic racers flown by Morris and Booker of the West Walsall Flying club in the very competitive  Wolverhampton Federation. These two have been paired together since they were youngsters last season and have raced supremely well this season as yearlings.

Last Saturday the cock GB12P40189 won 1st Federation again from Kingsdown against 2,655 birds.

This makes his record 1st Kingsdown 4,289 birds,  1st  Kingsdown 2,655 birds,  2nd Kingsdown 4,074 birds, 2nd Wincanton 3,639 birds, 3rd Kingsdown 4,629 birds  and 3rd Kingsdown 3,424 birds.

On the two occasions he was 2nd he was beaten both times by his own hen with the Kingsdown race against 4,074 birds equal to the third decimal point so impossible to split.

This cock has a few more races this season so a few more opportunities to add to his impressive record.

Many congratulations to all involved….