Yesterday was the Cuevas Classic One Loft Race Final 350 miles from Talulla, LA  to the home lofts in Desoto, Texas with 872 birds competing.

We are really pleased that our Blue Hen GB21V38220 bred in partnership with my great friend Andy Skwiat clocked in the first drop of 35 birds to win $5714 her equal share of the prize money . She also won 3rd Average Speed against an initial entry of 1350 birds missing 1st Average Speed by just 24 seconds and winning another $7500, taking her total winnings over  $13,000.

The pedigree of this hen is Andreas Drapa lines on the sires side and Mona Lisa of Mike Ganus and Gunther Prange on the dams side. As can be seen in her pedigree the bloodline is saturated in top performance 350 miles One Loft Race winners and Average Speed winners against the very best competition available.  We now start the shipping and quarantine process and look forward to breeding with ‘Miss Tallula’ in our North Wales Loft in the Spring of 2022.